The Importance of Call Center Services in a Company’s Operation

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People think call centers are unglamorous, but it’s hard to imagine a popular brand without one. Even though businesses are veering toward digital channels like web chat, email, and social media for consumer engagement, 73 percent of customers still phone in to call centers.

There is no denying contact centers are instrumental in connecting a brand to its buyers. Read on for more details about why.

Engage with customers

Call center agents are the frontline in service. They are the first to interact with a consumer when a service or product issue arises. Agents receive thorough brand training so they can accurately represent a brand and its values while interacting with customers. Thanks to workforce optimization (WFO) software, call centers are a powerful engagement hub.

Especially in today’s industry, customer service values more than before. According to Deloitte’s “Global Contact Center Survey,” customer experience and service improvements are contact centers’ main priorities. Businesses are more invested in using call centers to support customer relationships instead of business growth.

Let operations personnel do their job

The influx of calls can overwhelm an in-house customer service team as a brand grows. Outsourcing service operations to a call center can often be the best choice for a business hoping to meet consumer expectations.

Outsourcing concerns to a call center allows personnel to focus on their main job roles. Imagine an insurance company that’s missing a dedicated contact center: claims agents would have to focus on answering customers’ claim update requests instead of processing them. The calls would interrupt workflow and hinder the staff’s productivity.

Armed with high-quality agents, effective software, and preparation, call centers can adeptly manage high call volumes during the most hectic situations.

Spend less

Relying on a call center to manage customer service saves money. Contact centers use their own phone equipment, servers, computers, and software. This ultimately means that external costs are significantly reduced.

Call centers are also more efficient at processing customer issues. And better yet, most operate even on weekends, holidays, and after hours at a much lower cost than an in-house team.

See superior analytics to drive growth

According to Microsoft’s 2017 “State of Global Customer Service”, 96 percent of consumers said customer service is an important factor in deciding on brand loyalty. Also, following a poor customer service experience, 89 percent of consumers left a business for a competitor.

The value of customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. Effective call center reporting and analytics tools allow businesses to track drops and rises in consumer data.

Increase sales thanks to outbound calls

One of a call center’s main objectives is to generate revenue and new sales while expanding the customer base. An outbound calls team calls on prospects or leads. Whether the special offer is a discount or one-time savings for new customers, salespeople work diligently to meet their sales objectives to drives company revenue.

Retain more customers

Customer retention is the actions a company takes to reduce the number of customers leaving. Call centers usually provide occasional follow-up calls to monitor a customer’s experience and proactively tackle common issues that arise with the service or product.

Directing efforts to convert one-time buyers to faithful repeat customers is critical for a small business’s longevity. Not only that, but retention is a more sustainable business model that’s central to sustainable growth. Call centers are better equipped to focus these endeavors to build customer profitability.

Equipped with effective software and talented employees, call centers are still an essential component in a brand connecting with customers.  Evolving technology and trends situate call centers as the mainstay tools vital to a company’s success.