Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Truly Super

a football player running with the ball
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It’s that time of year when every football game is of crucial importance. That’s right, it’s playoff time in the NFL, which of course means: win or go home!

If your favorite team is still playing football at this point, congratulations! If your team has already started planning how they’re going to spend their offseason, better luck next year. Let’s be real though, you’ll be glued to the Super Bowl even if your team was so bad this season that you feel like you could’ve helped them.

Super Bowl Sunday is a day of gathering, cheering, trash talking, and great food. The only thing that it could further solidify its status as a holiday is to give American’s the next day off of work! So, how will you be celebrating your favorite unofficial holiday this year? Here are some ideas to help you decide!

Prepare for a mess!

Super Bowl Sunday is America’s favorite unofficial holiday. It is arguably the most exciting three and a half hours in sports. Grown men and women engage in the kind of merriment that is typical of children at Christmas time!

There will be much excitement and electricity in the air in your home. There will be high fives with beer and nachos in hand. There will be jump out of your seat moments. There will be awesomely greasy, saucy, and cheesy foods. There will be a glorious mess unless you prepare for beer and food related calamities.

Whatever part of your house you and your guests are going to watch the game in, adult proof it! Place football themed table cloths on the surfaces where food will be stored and eaten. Also, outfit your carpeted floors with runner mats. Make sure that there are waste bins within sight in every area where you will have guests.

Have your party catered

party catered

Pizza, nachos, and wings are staple foods and snacks for the Super Bowl, but try something different this year. Along with the typical finger foods that people tend to gorge on during the game, up the ante this year. Your friends will still be talking about this year’s Super Bowl party this time next year if you wow them with your spread.

Spice up your game day with a large sampler platter from a cajun seafood restauraunt. Also, you want to keep in mind any vegan friends that you have. There is nothing like being at an awesome gathering only to realize that you can’t enjoy any of the food there. Your friends will appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure their palates are satisfied and their bellies full.

It’s the last game of the year, go all out

Even though the actual game won’t be until sometime in the evening, make a day of it. After all, this is the last football game you will see for at least six months. Make some snazzy football themed invitations to send out to your guests. When they arrive, there should already be an atmosphere of celebration in the air.

Have music playing and drinks on the ready before guests even begin to show. Deck your family out in their favorite team gear. When you plan your sporting event, think of ways to get your guests even more into the game. Make fun and friendly bets that involve push-ups and jersey burning. It’s all in good fun. Plus, there’s nothing like sore arms and charred jerseys to remind your friends not to bet against your team.

Also, if your favorite team is playing, get a bottle of champagne to celebrate like the pros if they win. If your team loses, well, your wife will appreciate the bubbly.

Super Bowl Sunday is the most magical day in American sports. Enjoy this festive and competitive day like you’re a kid again. Go all out for your Super Bowl party, after all, it is the last football game of the year.