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Hopping on a boat during a nice autumn morning before most people are awake is a great feeling when you love to fish. Patience is learned and traditions are started while watching for that tug of the fishing line, and when it hits, the excitement is infectious.

Fishing is a time to get to know the elements around you. You shouldn’t be worrying about anything else, especially your boat sputtering to a halt in the middle of a lake. Researching the right type of motor can ease your mind so you can concentrate on the fish instead.

“Power” trip


Investing your money and time into a boat is exactly like investing in a car. You want to know if you’re getting the best quality for your money and if it will last long enough to justify the high price. You want something safe but stylish, sleek yet sturdy. Before you set out on the open ocean, or venture out on the local lake, take stock of the boating products you need. Functionality is a major component when purchasing a boat. No matter how the outside looks, what powers it should have the strength and stability to last.

It’s important to have a quality motor that helps your type of boat move smoothly. There are a few variety of motors which can be used on many different types of boats such as fishing boats, yacht tenders, kayaks, and rubber dinghies in freshwater or saltwater. In particular, a trolling motor can be added to any small vessel in any type of water. You won’t have to break the bank either, since motors range in price from around $130 and end at $400.

What is a trolling motor?

A trolling motor is located at either the bow (front) or the stern (back) of a boat. It is slender, which makes it easy to remove from the water in a matter of minutes. Because of its small size, it’s easy to maneuver your boat without a huge impact to the surface of the water. It also runs quietly because no one wants a loud, water-shredding motor when trying to lure in your catch.

Which motor you should buy depends on the size of your boat. For example, if you have a boat that’s about 14 feet in length, you need to purchase a 12 volt motor that pushes out 30 to 40 pounds of thrust. However if you are fishing in a calm, small body of water then it’s not necessary to use a powerful motor that generates as much power.

Environmentally friendly

Another beneficial quality that trolling motors have is their impact on the environment. These motors are battery powered, so there’s no risk to a spill that’s harmful to the ecosystem. And being smaller in size, the propellers pose less risk of getting caught on any vegetation below the boat. If any aquatic plants do get tied up, the motor is easy enough to lift out of the water and clean off.

A larger propellor can get damaged on the floor of a lake or other body of water, and this can make it difficult for you to notice any signs of fish and may hinder the fish from seeing the bait. But a small trolling motor won’t disturb the sediment underneath the boat which can cloud the water.  Whether it be for sport or for grabbing that catch of the day, these compact motors have been designed with convenience and simplicity.