Tips for Becoming a Professional Online Gamer

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Getting paid to play games online? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s a reality for thousands of people around the world. Although it takes a lot of luck and hard work to make it into the 500 highly-paid pro gamers, it’s still a fun and innovative way to earn money doing something that you love.

Nearly 1 million people are watching players’ games live on streaming platforms like Twitch. You could be one of those gamers garnering the attention (and money) of your avid viewers. Unsure of where to start? We’ve got some quickfire tips to show you how.

Don’t skimp on a kit.

There’s a fine line to thread here between not overspending on a gaming PC and accessories at the beginning and not investing enough in your own PC to produce quality content. A great way of making sure your PC does exactly what you need it to do is by using a gaming PC builder. Choosing a package from an online platform that allows users to build a custom gaming PC means that you can choose exactly what goes into it, from CPU to power supply, graphics card to motherboard.

Depending on what modern games you want to play, customers can customize their custom PC builder to fit exactly what they need. Find the best CPU for your setup, or design a PC build that can support the high-quality graphics you’re after.


Know what you’re playing.

There are already a host of gamers out there who is trying to achieve exactly what you are. You need to bring something new and fresh to the table. You could decide to pick an up-and-coming game, to make your own mark on something new, or take a classic and put a new spin on it. Take solitaire, for example. It’s a classic card game that you’d think doesn’t have a place in modern gaming. Yet if you put your own personality into this ever-popular game, you can make something truly special out of it.

There are sites where you can play solitaire games free of charge, so it’s also a low cost for you to start out with. It’s a good idea to find a fun group and make your channel or stream focused on daily challenges or competitive games of solitaire. These games with simple rules that rely on a card deck are an easy way for you to make jokes and create a brand focused on you, rather than the game. This has way more longevity than having your own personality in the background of an impressive new game. When your viewers are watching along for you as a personality, that’s how you know they are here to stay.


Expand outside of gaming.

Card games pull people in because of the social aspect. You, the gamer, are giving people a good reason to come back and watch again, more so than the card faces that you’re uncovering. Get competitive with clock speed or chalk up the number of wins between you and your friends. When it comes to a simple deck of cards, you’d be surprised how creative you can get.


Then, take this creativity outside of the game. Your job is about gaming—but you need other people to know that. Post clips of your play deal on social media and engage with others interested in this popular game of spider solitaire. Once you can truly create that dynamic community feel, you’ll have a whole “deck” of avid viewers who are ready to watch you hit solitaire game stardom. A game with simple rules means success with simple rules. Let solitaire send you to game streaming fame by letting your personality shine through.