How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen: A Step-by-Step Guide

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You don’t have to live with your cracked phone screen anymore, you can repair it yourself with this step-by-step guide.

Check the Condition of the Phone

If you have a phone in need of screen repair, depending on the condition, it can be either a simple or a complicated fix. The regular glass for your phone repair costs around $20 but a digitizer can cost upwards of $200. If you’re performing a simple screen repair and you’re not extremely careful, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars.

Determine Which Parts You Need

Determine which parts you need by looking over the cracks on your phone. If your phone is cracked on the back, you may just need a glass. If the crack is on the front of the phone, you have to ensure that the digitizer isn’t broken by making sure there are no black substance leaks. If this occurs, you may be better off leaving the repair to a professional.

Find the Right Tools

Every phone is different, some are held together by screws and others by glue. Determine which tools are the right ones for your repair by watching tutorials on how to repair your phone and doing some research. There are tool kits you can buy online to fix your phone but sometimes they don’t have everything you need, like a heat gun for example.

Take the Phone Apart

Once you’ve gotten your screen and tools it is now time to take your phone apart. Phones are sensitive and they have clamps and screws. If you happen to have leftover parts when you’re putting everything back together, your phone may not properly adhere to the electronic contacts and your screen will not work properly.

Replace the Screen

Now that your phone is apart, remove the old screen and replace it with your new screen. Sometimes this requires a heat gun. Heat guns are complicated to use and overheating your device can complicate the repair further. Carefully replace the screen and/or digitizer and replace all screws and glue.

Let the Phone Sit If Necessary

If your repair required new glue or heating up, you will have to let your phone sit for two hours before trying to use it. Using your device without letting it sit can be unpredictable. If your phone is held together by screws and didn’t require a heat gun, you can use your phone right away.

Once your phone has dried, you can bask in your repair and use your phone! Fixing a cracked screen is a long process and requires a delicate touch. The electronics in your phone can break easily making a $30 repair a $200 repair. If you’re worried about breaking your phone even further, you should let a professional handle your repair.