1000+ Free Followers on Instagram Tricks 2017

Instagram is the best and Powerful social networking app for sharing the photos and videos online using the Instagram app. So, today I am going to discuss the trick by which you can get 1000+ Free followers on Instagram using this method. Only you have to do is follow my instruction and that's all.

1000+ free Instagram followers

First of all, you need a new Instagram account cause using the old may put our account on hold. That's why I will suggest you use the new Instagram account. Doesn't required any other special skills to increase Instagram followers freely.

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Instructions to get 1000+ Free Followers on Instagram 

There are lot's of websites which provided you free Instagram followers but many of them are fake and scam only created for fooling the users. That's why today I going to reveal the best trick to get the free Instagram followers.

Follow my Instructions guy's

  • Go to the Website Mrinsta  and wait for loading the screen.
  • Next click on the Get Free Followers.
  • Select the plan that you want. Here we are talking about a free method that's why choose the free method.
  • Next, it will ask for you Email ID, Put your email ID into the Email box and click next.
  • After that select Free plan again and you have to follow some users on Google.
  • That's all you have successfully activated the Get free Flowers freely.

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By using this method, you can get the 10 free Instagram followers. For getting 1000+ Instagram followers, you have to simultaneously change your IP address using free VPN software.

The best part of the site is we don't have to complete any survey for this trick. Enjoy the free 1000+ Free Instagram followers guys. 

Reliance Jio 4G Hacking Tricks { Get Extra Data after 1GB Limit }

Amongst of all the ISP Reliance, JIO 4g is the best regarding services and supports. Everyone is talking about Reliance JIO 4G plans and tricks in nowadays. Today I have a JIO 4G hack trick which will let you use data more than 1GB per day. On the starting of JIO journey, it was awesome that, they give use 4GB data per day but know they limited it to 1GB. That's why today I am bringing out the trick which will hack your JIO data in just 2 minutes.

Whatsapp hacker 2017 100% working

If you want this amazing trick of JIO 4G, then follow the steps given below guys.

reliance jio 4g data hacking tricks 2017
Reliance 4G Hacking Tricks

Hack JIO 4G for Unlimited internet after 1GB Limit

To hack JIO you don't need extra skills, you just need simple steps to time JIO 4G data:

  • Firstly turn on the JIO 4G data mode activated and go to maybe time setting on your Device.
  • Everyone knows that "Reliance provide 1GB fast internet for 1 Day". So, what if our cell phone date is changed to next to the present day.
  • By changing the date and time, you will get the next day data in advance.
  • After changing the date, restart your device and check the data usage in MYJIO app.
  • That's how you can get unlimited data after spending 1GB fast data.

Do share this Reliance JIO hacking trick with your friends & family.

After spending the next day data, you can lose the next data. But sometimes it is very important for us to have information in a cell phone, For that use this trick. 

Note: We are not responsible if something wrong happens with you, the skills work perfectly on my device. In many mobile devices, it may vary according to security reasons.

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Reliance JIO 4G Plans in Himachal Pradesh 2017

Hello, readers welcome to our official ethical hacking site if you are a visitor from a search engine then do like and share our blog with friends. Fo now lets's move to our topic the data plans of Reliance jio in Himachal Pradesh

As we know the Reliance has just changed the way of living our life. It seems like everything is free in this world, after getting the free voice and open data from Reliance JIO 4G.

I am the one who living in the Himachal Pradesh. In the past, some day's I was just struggling with the Airtel 3G in my area, but jio makes it possible to run the internet with unlimited speed & unlimited data.

What we do after the Happy new year offer of reliance jio. The question is pop up in everyone's mind. So, it's very important to tell you about the latest offers of JIO 4G in Himachal Pradesh.

Enjoy First ever launched 4G in Himachal Pradesh!

Ethical Whatsapp Hacking Trick 2017

Reliance JIO 4G Prepaid Plans in HP after March

Reliance JIO has buzzed the market with its fresh plans. Now let's check out the latest JIO plans in HP below:

Reliance Jio Prepaid Plans HP

Reliance jio 4g plans in HP

The above-given plans are on Prepaid SIM and for postpaid SIM'S plan are given below

Reliance JIO 4G Postpaid Plans in HP after March

Here are the plans for postpaid SIM in HP, Talk time & data plans & SMS plans

reliance Jio 4g Plans in Himachal Pradesh

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Whatsapp Hacker 2017 (100% Working) - Spy on Whatsapp Account

Whatsapp is very popular social networking app according to everyone in nowadays. But only a few peoples know about the weak points of WhatsApp. I am one of them who thinks that it's very easy to hack Whatsapp in 2017. Many WhatsApp hackers in our network share their techniques used for hack Whatsapp account.

Today, I wanna tell you something interesting and cool hacking tricks guys. So, be connected to us, and we will teach you everything about hacking that we know.

Note: The hacking technique provided by us is only for educational purpose. We are Ethical hackers and perform these hacking technique only for test the security of our device. We are no responsible for actionable steps taken by you readers.

If you are one of them who always search on the internet about Whatsapp Hacker 2017. I thought most of you will get stuck into some online scam sites, which claims that they hack Whatsapp online using their tool. They are nothing more than a scam guys, do not use such sites.

Today here at tech4hacks I am gonna shares a best Whatsapp Hacker method and tricks.

WhatsApp hacker 2017

List of Whatsapp Hacker 2017 | Must use one of them

There are so many hacking tricks for Whatsapp but, one of the best ways I recommend to beginners is cloning. After the first method, we will discuss the second method.

#1. Method: Whatsapp clone hacker method 

The method doesn't require any additional type of skills. Follow the instructions below to hack using clone method:

  • Firstly download the Whatsapp cloning app from the play store from the given link. The app is totally free and easy to use. Download app from here.
  • Install the app on your smartphone and open app from the menu bar. To do WhatsApp hack, you need a victim's smartphone for 2-minute guys.
  • Now in next step, open Whatsapp scan app from your phone. When you open Whatsapp scan app, wait for a second and QR code will appear on your screen.

  • Next, you have to take a victim's phone and go to option>Whatsapp Web. Now a QR scanner will be open, scan the QR code appeared on your own Android screen.

  • You will automatically log into victim's account after scanning the code. All messages and chats will be now available on your screen.
After hacking the victim's Whatsapp, you can watch his/her message at any time. Even you can send a message from his/her Whatsapp to anyone's account. It's feel like a super power in hand.

This is the first method that I like most.

Hack Facebook messenger in 2017 *New*

#2. Method: Whatsapp Hacker or Spy Software 2017

The second method of Whatsapp hack is Spy on chats or conversations, Follow the steps to spy on Android WhatsApp conversations:

  • Firstly, download or install any spy app on victim's Android phone by fooling him/her. I will recommend you to use truthspy.
  • Download truthspy client app and install on the victim,s Android phone. Make sure to hide spy app from victim's menu bar.
  • Next, create an account on truthspy and log in with your credentials in victim's phone. Just hide the app from victim's phone.
  • After that, login into your truthspy from your own phone or laptop. That's all you have now get all the chats and conversation into your spy account.
  • Some of the features required root access granted on an Android phone. So, if you want to root your Android phone then read our below post.

That's all guy's these are the some of the Whatsapp Hacker methods to hack Whatsapp without having difficulties. 

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How To Hack Facebook Messenger on Android 2017

Facebook Messenger is one of the best social app used by peoples to communicate with friends. Everyone is doing their best for spy Facebook messenger of their loved one. I am also one one of them who find a way to see someone's Facebook messenger chats on Android.

In this article, we will discuss the latest FB hacking technique guys.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger on Android in 2017

What you need for hack FB messenger? If you are one of them who are trying to find some way to hack Facebook, then it is the best way for you. Hacking FB is not a big deal in nowadays, so here is one of the best article to hack Facebook account password.

Hack Facebook Messenger 2017

Hack Facebook Account through Phishing Method in 2017

What do you need to hack FB Messenger

  • Basic Knowledge of Internet.
  • Android Device.
  • Spying App.
  • Internet Connection.

Steps to hack facebook messenger or monitor FB messenger

  • Firstly you need a spy app which let you monitor Facebook messages. Here is one of my favorite app for you. Download it from here.
  • The spying app is only for limited time, after that you have to buy the premium features. Install the above-given app as per instructions I have provided below.

          hack facebook messenger 2017 hack facebook messengers spy 2017

  • After installing the app, an open app from the menu bar. Next, you have to create or log in to an old account. To create your account, you need Email id or password. Check the below-provided pictures.

          hack facebook messenger 2017 
    hack facebook messenger 2017

  • Now you have successfully logged into your Spying account. Check above image, in which the spy app checking for the device is rooted or not. If you have rooted device then it's an excellent app, without the rooted device, there are very few chances that app works. Next, we have to configure the apps, shown in below picture.

              hack fb messenger 2017 
    hack FB messenger 2017

  • That's all guy's you have successfully installed the spying app into victim's Android phone. Now you will get all the messages send to the victim's phone.

When you have done all the above steps, go to your account from this link. Log in to your account and wait for some time, like 10-15 minute. Your dashboard will look like the below given image.

hack facebook messenger 2017

Now, you have successfully hacked the Facebook Messenger on Android phone. If you need any other software to hack Facebook, then comment below with email id guys.

Note: We don't teach black hat hacking techniques on our website. The hacking trick provided here is only for educational purpose.

Some Instructions:

  • Disable unknown source from Android setting.
  •  Make sure to hide the app from Victim's phone.
  • Delete Spy app from the history of Browsers.

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Telecharger Game Hacker APK Free Download in 2017

Telecharger Game Hacker APK

Telecharge game hacker tool is a very amazing tool used for hack & crack Android's popular games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Telecharger latest hacking APK will allow you to hack the game's level with a single click. It is one of the best Android hacking application, which I used since I have bought a new Android phone.

The easiest and the robust method of hacking Android games is Telecharge Game hacker app. It is also known as SB Game Hacker tool. The another thing about this hacking app is that "It is entirely ads free and spam-free." Which I loved most about it. Telecharger game hacking app is easy to use and easy to modify the apps. 

It helps a lot in increasing your games experiences and skills under some steps. For know more about the Telecharger game hacker tool, read below:

Telecharger game hack tool 2017
Telecharger Game Hack tool

There are lots of another app which are used to hack Android games but, believe me, it one of the satisfying tools to hack Android games.

Features of Telecharger Game Hacker APK

Here below, I have provided some of the best and useful features of Telecharger Game hacker app. If you have not downloaded it yet, then go and download from our link. The features I have provided below are real and easy to do. Telecharger game hack tool modifies the some of the game's objects on your Android phone, check out below features:

telecharger game hack apk tool

  • From Telecharger you can control the speed of the Android Games.
  • Telecharger game Hacker APK provides you search box, in which you can find more games resources.
  • Very easy graphical user interface and significant modifications.
  • Gives you permissions to edit the scores and your game's points.
  • Control game fully as per your desires.
Now, you know that how cool is that to making fun of your scores and points. If you found these feature fresh and impressive then what are you waiting for, go fo it? Download and install the games from the link attached to the article below.

How to Download & Install Telecharger Game Hacker APK

Before downloading and installing the Telecharge hack APK, make sure that you have rooted an android device. To root your Android device you have to follow some steps. Follow the below given link to root your Android phone.

Best 5 method to root your android device in 2017

 Now, you can download the tool from our website. We will update the links time to time to make our visitors happy and satisfied.  The link is totally safe and not harmful to you.  No spam links will be included.

Now download the Telecharger game hacker app from below link. The latest version is available here.

That's all now you have successfully downloaded the fantastic tool. Even a beginner can hack any Android games with the Telecharger or SB Game Hacker. If you have any other quires related to Telecharger, then ask in the comment box guys.

20+ Facebook Like Hack Sites & Unlimited Likes on Status

Facebook is an excellent social network platform that everyone knows in nowadays. When I was in my high school, I always searched about the unlimited like hack trick of Facebook. That time was so tough to find such a way to get Facebook unlimited like. But, today on this article, I have written about Facebook like hacks, so that you will be aware of new hack trick of FB.

Firstly I am gonna share list of the top 20+ sites for unlimited likes. People will quickly find this list cause of so many link sharing, but here on my site, I have trusted list of FB like sites.

facebook like hacks 2017
FB like hacks

List of Facebook like hack sites 2017

The list of Facebook like hacking sites is too long but only trusted sites are listed here on my blog, try them one by one for getting lots of like on your FB status or photos. 

  1. Autoliker4FB
  2. DJliker
  3. Cyber Likes
  4. King Liker
  5. Auto Likes Groups
  6. WefBy
  7. LikerTy
  8. 4Liker
  9. MG Likers
  10. Machine Liker
  11. Hublaa
  12. One Liker
  13. HD Liker
  14. Dev Liker
  15. Auto Like Biz
  16. My FB Liker
  17. Auto Liker Us
  18. FB Auto Liker App
  19. AB Liker
  20. FB-Auto Liker
So, this is a  total list of Sites which allowed you to hack facebook likes using different methods. So, the above-given sites are best of my knowledge. If you want more likes and more site to cut likes, then ask in the comment box below.

Things to do Before proceed to Hack FB Likes

If you want to try to get likes online with auto liker then, make sure to do below given checkpoints.
  • Your age must be 18+.
  • Privacy setting must be public to do FB like a hack.
Here how you can change the FB Public configuration. Follow the instructions given below.

Go to Facebook>Settings>Privacy and change everything to Public, so that anyone can like and comment on your post. See below picture for reference:

After, making this setting, you may proceed to next step. But before moving to our top level, please read the instruction, I have provided below.

Is it affect your Facebook profile?

Yes, it totally affects your FB profile cause you have allowed third party sites to make changes on your account which is not a good thing. Therefore, without noticing you, third party sites automatically granted to like other people's photos. Which is not good for you.
Many people use these sites to like an adult or banned content. And you will not be notified about your profile what they like and comment on your profile guys.

So, it's always a tough decision, whether we should use these FB like hacks or not. 

After all thing, you are ready to perform tasks. Open any of the above sites, And follow the instructions on the screen. 

Make sure to change your privacy setting to normal after using these unlimited hack sites, it's good to protect yourself from hackers attack.

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