How To Hack Someones Facebook Account Password Easily 2017 - 2018

Hack Facebook account Step by Step Tutorial: Our readers found so many difficulties about hack FB easily that's why I am going to post this step by step FB hacking tutorial that will be going to help you for simple FB hacking. So, follow below guide to learn all new FB hack tricks.
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Facebook is a most popular social platform in these days used for spreading the news and thoughts. Day by Day Facebook is introducing new features and techniques to prevent the FB hacks & tricks.
There are more than 5+ available tricks which are simple and easy to perform for any beginner hacker. To do hacking you must know some beginner knowledge about the hacking basics.
hack facebook account

Note that before proceeding below, Hacking is illegal thing. We only provide these hacking tricks for educational purposes. The testing of these illegal techniques are performed on my device. Here we not support Black hat techniques.

Hack Facebook Account Step by Step Guide

I am providing the only 100% working method for Hacking FB account. If you have any question regarding the below given method than asking in the comment box guys.

How to Hack FB Account Using Keylogging

As I had already told you that the if you have an access on victim's PC then you can easily hack anything which you want. Keylogging is the most suitable and easiest way to hack the FB account. You can find lots of keylogger program which works great.
Let me tell you one of the best available Keylogging programs is Ardamax. Read here all thing about Keylogging.

Steps to Hack FB

  1. Firstly, Download a Keylogger program or buy from the market. After that create a small utility using a keylogger or combine to existing program.
  2. After creating a file you have to remotely install it on victim's device. You can send this file to a victim using an email address.
  3. Now you can access the Victim's device detail easily guys. This is the most simple way I had used since I was in my college.

Phishing Method to Crack Facebook Account Password

Phishing is the most powerful and most used way to hack Facebook account. I am using this method far way to test the security of the account and found it cool. To know about phishing method I had previously created a separate article here.

Steps to perform Phishing hack Trick

  1. To perform Phishing trick you must have knowledge about the some of HTML and PHP codes. HTML and PHP codes are the two basic things which are compulsory for every beginner hacker.
  2. Next, you have to Create a fake web page and install it on any online web server. There are lots of web server which provide free Hosting for these types of sites.
  3. After that send the fake login page details to your victim by using messages or emails.
  4. When he/she trying to login into the FB account. The login details will be going to save into the text file.
  5. That's all you did it.

Hack Facebook Messenger on Android

If you are looking for the Android FB Messenger hacking then this guide is for you. You can hack Facebook Messenger in just 5 minutes if you have an access on victim's android phone. If you have an access to Facebook messenger than you have access to the direct messages of victim's. Follow the guide below to hack Facebook Messenger on Android:

FB Messenger Hack on Android

  • Must have a Spy program knowledge.
  • Use any of the free online SPY program such as Freeandroidmonitor[dot]com.
  • Install the client based app in victim's phone.
  • Log in to your dashboard from the website of Spy Program.
  • That's all Now you have access to the Device Info.
  • Check Facebook Tab for latest FB messages.
Note That to access on victim's Android phone messenger you have to Root the destination device or victim's device. If your victim have rooted Android device than you have more features to access the device.
If you any question regarding the Facebook hacking than ask below in the comment box guys. Hack Facebook Account Step by Step tutorial is created only for Tech4Hcaks readers.

Whatsapp Money Making Technique 2017

How Whats Makes Money?

Whatsapp is the largest communication media of today’s world. It has over 315 billion users registered on it with 100 users registering on it every day. The most important thing about this app is that it is totally free of cost. They charge nothing to run their services. Even the Whatsapp is using running no ads on it. So, how does whatsapp make money? This is a very big question of today’s internet world. So, in this article we all be talking about how does whatsapp make money? There are mainly small things that we probably don’t understand how Whatsapp makes money.

whatsapp money making

Whatsapp was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for around $19 billion while its annual income was about $10 billion. So, why he bid so high for almost non-profitable app? Something must be there. 

So, let’s find out. We share almost everything on Whatsapp like photos, pictures, files and many more things. This all data is stored in Whatsapp database and from there Whatsapp engineers check all our data and predict the behaviour of our likes, dislikes and our interests. After this they put ads on our Facebook profile according to our interest and gain money from that.  This is how Whatsapp makes money.

Second way of earning is by no earning.  Whatsapp is acquiring billions of users on it. They are providing free services to almost everyone. By this they are increasing users for their future. What this will help is that if they even charge very less money for Whatsapp then also they will earn in billions because of high users present on Whatsapp. So this is a very smart way of earning money in future. There are many indirect ways with Mr Zuckerberg to generate income through Whatsapp.  SO, let’s move forward with our third way of earning money through Whatsapp.

Last but not the least third way is by use of broadcast message. Let us take an example, if any country wants to give some important message to the people then they’ll surely approach Whatsapp CEO to do a broadcast message through Whatsapp. SO, he will surely charge some money for that.

 This is also a great way of earning from Whatsapp. SO, these are some great ideas through which Whatsapp generates money from its users in indirect way. If it continues like this in the future also, then the Whatsapp CEO will surely play in billions in the coming future. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

Whatsapp QR Code Hack Method of 2017

Whatsapp QR Code Hacking Method 2017

Is it possible to hack Whatsapp with QR code only, the answer is Big Yes. you can hack someone's WhatsApp using QR code in Just 2 minutes. The Method is simple and you can follow our instructions given below. We will show you how you hack WhatsApp using QR code. 

There are more than 3 techniques to hack WhatsApp QR code. But I will tell you the simplest and the 100% working method to hack WhatsApp without spending more than 2 minutes on victim's device.

Below Is the process by which you can Hack Whatsapp using QR code:

Whatsapp QR Code Hack Method 100% Working

Below is the instructions to Hack using QR code:-

Everyone knows how popular WhatsApp is. WhatsApp is being used by lots of people's lives in different countries. Have you gonna hear someone about hack WhatsApp through clone method. I think know haven't heard it. This is a latest a very cool way to hack Whatsapp in 2017. 

There are lots of hacking tricks for WhatsApp, I have already told you some of the Whatsapp hacking tricks already guys. But the thing I am going to telling you is very easy and don't need special skills to perform guys. In this hacking method, we use a Clone WhatsApp QR hacking method.

What is WhatsApp Cloning?

Many of you don't know about the WhatsApp clone method. A Clone is a way in which we scan the WhatsApp chats and connect the Original device to a clone device, Whatsapp clone features are recently used in Whatsapp social media app. The is a site URL to use a Whatsapp clone method to use Whatsapp in PC.

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whatsapp hack clone method 2017

Hack Whatsapp Using Clone Method

To hack WhatsApp using clone method you don't need any special skills. Just follow the steps below, and you will definitely get success. 


  • Android Phone
  • The Internet or Local Area Connection

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download the App from here. The App is WhatsApp scan and works well on all the devices.

Step 2: Install this app on your smartphone. After installing you must need a victim's smartphone for 1 minute. It's upon you how you can take the phone of your victim's.

Step 3: After taking smartphone of your victim's, Open Whatsapp Scan app on your phone.

Whatsapp QR Code Hack

Step 4: You will get a QR code in the Whatsapp scan app. Now take a victim's phone and go to option> Whatsapp Web.

Whatsapp QR Code Hacking

Step 5: Scan the QR code with victims phone. That's all guys, you don't need to do anything know. You will get the control over a victim's Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Hacking Using QR Code

You will read the all incoming and outgoing messages sending by the victim. So, the WhatsApp can be hack using QR code guy's is so simple you can perform it within a short time.

Note: Please do not hack anyone's WhatsApp without the permission of that person. We only discuss here an Ethical hacking tricks for educational purpose. Any illegal action doing by you may put you in the risk. And we are not responsible for that criminal action.

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Hack IMO Activation Code [ IMO Hacks & Tricks ]

IMO Activation Code Hack 

IMO Activation Code Hack

Is it possible to Hack IMO activation code so, that we gain access on the victim's device? The answer is yes there is a way by which you can gain the access on the IMO of your GF or victim's mobile. if you are a beginner than the method may be somewhere hard for you. Below I am going to provide you some of the IMO Messengers tricks, check it out:

IMO is the widest used Video Messenger for video communication between multiple persons. The IMO is famous because it is working fine for 2G and 3G device also. So, that's why it is very popular in past some days.

You can find lot's of features in IMO messenger also. Let's discuss our main article "How you can get the IMO Activation Code Hack & control; your victim IMO".

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IMO Activation Code Hack 2017

The Idea is not Implemented by me right now but you can check whether the Idea is working or not.

  • Firstly you need a rooted Mobile or Jailbreak iPhone to perform the task.
  • Install the Mac Spoofer in your android phone.
  • Firstly you have to note down the Victim's MAC Address.
  • Note down your own Mac Address for future references.
  • After that change your own mac address to Victim's MAC address.
  • Now, Install IMO messenger on your Android device.
  • When you reach the Mobile verification step Put victim's  mobile number there.
  • That's last time you need a victim's phone to hack IMO Activation code.
  • Look for activation code in victim's phone. Note Down the code!
  • Put it on your IMO messenger that's all guy's. you have successfully hacked the IMO Messenger activation code.
  • After hacking done, follow the same process given above to back to normal state.

That's  the first method to  hack IMO activation code if you need more IMO hacking tricks  than follow below given steps:

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Hack IMO using Spying or Keylogger

This is when your IMO MAC spoofing does not work for you guys. After you have to perform the above-given method, you can check the below method:

Spying and keylogger are the small utilities which are used to record all steps performed in any Android device. This method only work when you have cool and best Spying program for your victim's.

If you succeed in the spying and keylogging than yo can have everything that you want. that's why these tasks are very much trusted.

Note: The hacking tricks is only for the educational purposes. If you will do anything wrong or illegal using these tricks than the admin of the website is not responsible for that. 

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Gmail Hacking Tricks & Tips 2017 [*Hot*] {*Tricks*}

Latest Hot Gmail hacking tricks of the year 2017 - 2018. Hey buddies, welcome to the today's article about hacking, today we will discuss how you can hack Gmail account without doing much coding stuff or hard tasks. Gmail is the most used email network. that's why we found that many users want to know how hackers can hack Gmail accounts.

Gmail - Gmail is the one of the most used email product of the Google. So, it is somewhere difficult to hack Gmail in 2017. In every social networking site, we used Google email for recovery of account.

Below I have listed some trusted techniques to hack the Gmail account password without touching the victim's devices. Follow the below given Gmail hacking tricks 2017 - 2018.

gmail hacking tricks

*HOT* Gmail Hacking Tricks & Tips 2017

Basically, there are lot's of techniques used for hack Gmail account, check out the below given hacking methods of Gmail password:

  1. Phishing Gmail Hacking Technique.
  2. Keylogging hacking Method.
  3. Social Engineering method.
Want to know more about these hacking tricks in brief then proceed below guys:

1. Phishing Gmail Hacking Trick:

Phishing is not that much hard technique, it is a very easy and simple hacking trick. Let's have discussed below how Phishing works for Gmail hacking. Phishing is a fake page created by hackers to hack the information of the victim's.

Phishing Gmail hacking method process:

  • Hackers Create a fake Gmail Login Page.
  • Install Fake Link on Server.
  • Send fake page link to victim.
  • Force user to login using your Fake page.
  • Whenever victim's logged in, you will get the username or Password.

Above is the Process of Gmail hacking tricks. Phishing Gmail hacking is widely used by a beginner or pro hacker.

2. Keylogging Gmail Techniques:

Keylogger is another method to hack Gmail Account. To hacking using Keylogger is not that simple, cause to do hacking using keylogging. you have to send a keylogger utility to the victim's device. Below is a simple process of Keylogging technique:

Keylogging technique process:
  • Bind a keylogger file with the application.
  • Install this app on a victim's device.
  • That's all.

Now you can get an access on the victim's device. Keylogger gonna record every single keystroke pressed by you. Everything accessed on the victim's device will be recorded by a keylogger.

3. Social Engineering Method:

Social Engineering is not a 100% working method to hack Gmail account but sometimes it will work fine. Social Engineering is a method in which hackers try to do some manual password inputs to hack the Gmail accounts.

Like many users have a common password like "Password123" and "name123", so it's becoming easy to hack the victim's Gmail account. 

That's it guy's these are the most trusted and useful tricks to hack the Gmail account. 

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Whatsapp Hack Kaise Kare in Hindi{*Latest*} {*Tricks*}

Aj main apse Whatsapp Hack kaise karte hain, vesse to main Hindi articles bahut kam likhta hun but Indian log meri site ko bahut pasand kartein hain, isiliye aj mein Hindi mein Article likh rha hun. Whatsapp hack karne ke liye apko jyda coding sikhne or jyda time ki bhi zarurat nhi hai friends.

Sabse pehle apko bta dun ki kisi ki permission ke bina uska Android phone ya FB hack karna illegal kam hota hai. Isiliye Whatsapp hack karne se pehle apko 10 bar sochna padega. Agar ap is Whatsapp hacking trick ka galat use karte ho to uske liye hum zimewar nhi honge friends. 
 Incoming Search Terms - Whatsapp hack kaise kare, Whatsapp hack karne ka tarika Hindi, Hack WhatsApp in Hindi, how to hack WhatsApp in Hindi, Whatsapp Account kaise hack karein friends ka.

whatsapp hack kaise karein hindi

Aj jo whatsapp hack karne ka tarika main apko batane ja rha hun shayd hi apne uske bare mein pehle suna hoga ya dekha hoga. Ye whatsapp hack karne ka tarika bahut hi assan hai, koi bhi hack kar skta hai is article ko pad ke friends. Isiliye aj mein apse ye share kar rha hun. Niche padein Whatsapp hack karne ka tarika:-

Whatsapp Hack kaie kare Hindi Mein {*HOT*}

Vese to bahut tarike hain whatsapp hack karne ke but apko wahi batunga jo ki sahi mein work karte hain or ji bhi work karte hain. ismein se sabse pehla tarika maine niche diya hai padein wo tarika:-

1. Whatsapp Clone Se Kaise Hack karein

Is tarike main apko jyda coding bagera sikhne ki bilkul zarurat nhi bus apka or jiska phone whatsapp apko hack karna hai, uska phone apke pas hona chahiye. Or han is bat ka bhi dhyan rakhein ki knhi usko shak to nhi ho rha hai appe. Baki steps niche diye hain maine.

  1. Sbase pehle ye confirm karein ki apke victim ke phone mein whatsapp unlocked hai yani ke koi app lock na lga ho.
  2. Uske bad ap apna Android phone lijiye or Is link pe di huyi app download karein playstore se.
  3. App download karne ke bad ap apne Android phone ke menu se ye open kijiye.
  4. Apko homepage pe hi ek QR code dikhega.

  5. Ab ap apne victim ke Android phone ko leke uske Whatsapp ke option open kijiye.
  6. Wanh apko Whatsapp web ka option dikhayi dega.
  7. Whatsapp web par click karne ke bad QR code scanner open ho jayega.
  8. Ab is QR code scanner se ap apne phone pe jo QR code diya hai use scan kijye.

  9. Bus, ab jo bhi message apke victim ko jayenge wahi apko bhi ayenge. 

To friends apne dekha ki kitna easy hai ajkal Whatsapp karna dusre Android phone se wo bhi kuch 2-4 minute ke andar hi. Isiliye to main apse keh rha tha ki Whatsapp hack karne ka tarika bahut simple hai or bahut jaldi se ap WHATSAPP hack kar skte hain.

To chaliye apne dusre tarike ki or jisse ap whatsapp hack kar skte hain guy's. 

2. Spy Software se Whatsapp Hack Karein

Ap mein se kitno logon ko ye pta hai ki SPY software kya hote hain. Ok, agar nhi pta to chaliye bta dun ki wo software jo secretly kisi cheez ko monitor karte hain jaise ki Facebook or Whatsapp. Yah Whatsapp hack karne ka dusra or thora sa difficult tarika hai.

Par agar ap sikhne ki icha rkhte hain to apke liye ye assan ho jayega Whatsapp hack karna. 

  1. Is tarike mein sabse pehle apko Spy Software chahiye hoga jo ki apko internet pe assani se mil jayega. Chaliye ek ka nam mein suggest kar deta hun. Hoverwatch site pe apna account banayein.
  2. Uske bad, apko download kane ke liye ek file milegi jise apne victim ke phone mein apne Hoverwatch account ke though install karna hoga.
  3. Install karne ke bad use Menu se hide kar dein, ye sab option apko configuration mein mil jayenge.
  4. Bus uske bad apna account karein kisi bhi browser se jaise ki chrome or uc browser.
  5. Wanh pe apko sare option mil jayenge Whatsapp messages and call history, sab kuch.

Ye bat yad rkhna ki Whatsapp Hack karne ke liye apka phone root hona chaiye jab ap is 2nd method ko follow krte hain tab. 1st method mein root karne ki zarurat nhi hai friends.

Agar apka ye method bhi kam nhi krta to 3rd method try karein. 

3. Whatsapp Sniffer se Whatsapp hack karein

Vese to maine ye method khud try kiya but mere case mein work nhi kiya. isiliye mein is method ki garranty nhi de skta. Par ap phir bhi ise try karna chahte hain to ap internet se Whatsapp Sniffer Download kar skte hain.

Kuch important batein jo apko Whatsapp sniffer ke bare mein pta honi chahiye:-

  1. Whatsapp Sniffer tabhi work karega jab ap or apka victim same WiFi network mein honge. Warna yah work nhi krega.
  2. Whatsapp Sniffer bhi rooted device mein hi work krega, without root Android device mein work nhi krega.

To friends ye to kuch important tarike jinse ap Whatsapp hack kar skte hain. To friends agar apko mere likhe huye article se help mili hai to niche comment karein. 

Agar apke mind mein koi question baki hai to niche comment box mein puchein. to yah article tha "Whatsapp Hack Kaise karein in Hindi 2017".

Incoming search terms:-

Whatsapp hack kaise kare.
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Hack whatsapp in hindi.
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Whatsapp hacking method.

1000+ Free Followers on Instagram Tricks 2017

Instagram is the best and Powerful social networking app for sharing the photos and videos online using the Instagram app. So, today I am going to discuss the trick by which you can get 1000+ Free followers on Instagram using this method. Only you have to do is follow my instruction and that's all.

1000+ free Instagram followers

First of all, you need a new Instagram account cause using the old may put our account on hold. That's why I will suggest you use the new Instagram account. Doesn't required any other special skills to increase Instagram followers freely.

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Instructions to get 1000+ Free Followers on Instagram 

There are lot's of websites which provided you free Instagram followers but many of them are fake and scam only created for fooling the users. That's why today I going to reveal the best trick to get the free Instagram followers.

Follow my Instructions guy's

  • Go to the Website Mrinsta  and wait for loading the screen.
  • Next click on the Get Free Followers.
  • Select the plan that you want. Here we are talking about a free method that's why choose the free method.
  • Next, it will ask for you Email ID, Put your email ID into the Email box and click next.
  • After that select Free plan again and you have to follow some users on Google.
  • That's all you have successfully activated the Get free Flowers freely.

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By using this method, you can get the 10 free Instagram followers. For getting 1000+ Instagram followers, you have to simultaneously change your IP address using free VPN software.

The best part of the site is we don't have to complete any survey for this trick. Enjoy the free 1000+ Free Instagram followers guys.