5 Ways Technology Is Improving Customer Satisfaction

a woman standing in front of a laptop
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We hear a lot about how customer service will get better as tech advances, but the truth is, the future is already here.

Experiences Not Property

We’ve spent the last two centuries accumulating stuff, but we now know that experiences are more valuable than things. Companies are connecting with customers so that buying those trail running shoes is no longer just about owning some footwear. It’s about sharing the experience, from purchase to first run, with other enthusiasts in the digital space.

Coordinated Communication

Customers may choose to call, email, text, or even IM business. Today’s cloud call center solution is an omnichannel software that lets agents see the whole interaction history of anyone who calls — across channels — and seamlessly shift communication between them. Customers can get their needs met way faster and are much happier as a result.

Smart Chatbots

Few things make for a worse customer experience than having to explain a problem to three people before anyone even starts working on it. New generations of chatbots sound less like insane robots and more like real people. As they become more sophisticated, they become more efficient at connecting customers to the right person the first time.

Digital Security

Customers want to buy online without fear. After a few uncertain years where security tech struggled to keep up with digital purchasing, things are back on track. Blockchain is standardizing the way we deal with data and keep records across companies, and digital security has become a priority for lawmakers and executives nationwide. That makes us all safer.

Critical Feedback

In the past, companies had to work hard to get meaningful feedback. Now in-app prompts, automated emails, and the ability to quickly strategize and publish giveaways and contests have made it a lot easier to connect with satisfied and dissatisfied customers alike. Everyone wins!

Technology is already changing things for the better and improving our customer service experience. Tomorrow is already here: are you ready?