3 Facts About Sure Call’s Signal Booster

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Have you ever been sitting at home and a call on your phone just randomly dropped? Is your cell signal poor when walking around the office and awaiting an important call? You may be in need of a state-of-the-art signal booster to make sure that you’ve strengthened your ability to take phone calls seamlessly. That’s where SureCall is helping to make sure that no matter your carrier, you never have to worry about a weak signal again.

1. SureCall offers signal boosters for any situation.


SureCall makes sure that your signal strength is never compromised, regardless of your situation. With a proper signal booster for cell phone, you can eliminate dropped calls, while also improving the clarity of the call and data speeds wherever you are. These boosters are designed to help boost a cell phone signal regardless of which major carriers your plan falls under. These products have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of home, vehicle, and business owners across North America.

A signal booster is common for residential use, allowing for a Wi-Fi signal within a home to be boosted to connect between multiple levels throughout a household. The same is afforded within a commercial use capacity, allowing for a better signal from a nearby cell phone tower for any major carriers providing 5G or LTE coverage. You can even use these boosters in the car along with a hands-free device to allow you to not only field phone calls but not have to worry about interruption if you have to handle important business while you’re behind the wheel.

2. Their boosters are built to last.


SureCall’s engineering teams have developed leading technologies to allow users to send and receive phone calls and text messages with greater ease wherever they are. Their signal boosters are made from top-quality metals and control board components that are built to last and sure to perform no matter the cellular network you’re in. This differs from some boosters that are on the market that are built from plastic components and stripped-down control boards that break down quickly and don’t provide nearly the same amplification of the signal.

No matter the coverage area, rural or urban, SureCall’s award-winning signal booster technology has been recognized internationally by industry leaders for its benefits for cell phone users. These cell signal boosters are designed to help callers obtain a strong signal even when construction materials and dead zones may be operating against them. They’re even beneficial in dealing with weak outdoor signals that can send your data rates skyrocketing without even realizing it.

3. They are trusted by several industry leaders.


SureCall’s cellular booster technology, in conjunction with award-winning customer service and 3-year warranty, has made them a favorite among some of the biggest brand names. Their products connect homes, vehicles, the internet of things (IoT), emergency response teams, and commercial applications for a variety of industries ranging from education and hospitality to property management and retail sectors. This includes companies from ExxonMobil, Chrysler, and Duke University to even NASA and the U.S. Army.

By effectively helping users set up a hotspot, SureCall has proven to be the better choice to expand their cell network with higher frequencies no matter the setting. These boosters work across major carriers like Verizon and AT&T, ensuring that both outdoor signal strength or Wi-Fi is getting an extra edge to accommodate settings from homes and apartments to office spaces and on the road. Along with 24/7 support, cell phone users can have some peace of mind knowing that signal strength is at its peak to take any important phone calls that come your way.