3 Advantages of Using Bright Pattern Software

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Bright Pattern is a highly visible name in the contact center realm. Bright Pattern has developed a cutting-edge cloud-based calling software platform that helps businesses gain agility in their customer service tasks while cutting down on the expenses that these processes introduce into the ongoing business budgeting.

With new cloud-enabled technology, call center representatives are able to utilize intuitive software designs (rather than old school layouts that are bulky and difficult to manage) while providing the very best in customer service with each new impression, sale, service call, or any other interaction. With the help of Bright Pattern software, building a smarter business is simple and starts with your inbound, outbound, and omnichannel contact solutions. Continue reading to learn about three essential features that Bright Pattern technology can bring to your business operation today.

1. Omnichannel conversations provide tailored contact resources that suit customer needs.


New technology in the calling center arena has made the process of interacting with consumers far easier. Today, omnichannel solutions providers allow for a tailored approach to customer service that gives power to the user. Omnichannel contact center options mean that customers can interact with agents through chat functions, traditional calling methods, and more.

In many call centers, the digital infrastructure required to link in disparate contact channels still lags behind, but with new cloud-enabled software packages that bring the cutting edge of technology right to your agents’ terminals, the future of customer service is both more open and easier to engage with from both a representative and consumer’s perspective.

2. Personalization opportunities are everywhere on the platform, meaning your agents can provide the best in service with each call.


Each brand that utilizes calling operations is looking for something unique. No two businesses are alike in every way, so the need to lean on personalized integrations is crucial for business success across industries and markets. Whether you’re heavily invested in cross-border trade and will be relying on WhatsApp or WeChat for engaging communications with customers, or you’ve developed a key pipeline to customers through the use of Facebook profile building and want to continue engaging with clients in this manner, Bright Pattern integrations can cover the gamut of options.

3. Cost-cutting is embedded in the Bright Pattern solution, meaning you can have the best of both worlds.


Many businesses consider costs above nearly any other concern. The costs of doing business can be prohibitive in many instances, leading to the need to integrate low-cost assets, processes, and workflows to save on things that aren’t exactly necessary or top priority.

Customer service isn’t one of these action items, though. More and more businesses are seeing the link between great customer service (often in the form of call center operations) and increased profits in the modern world. Consumers want to be able to reach out to the businesses that they purchase their goods from to ask questions, provide feedback, and occasionally complain about the items they’ve bought.

As a result, it’s essential to build a solid pipeline of communication that allows each interaction to be a new opportunity to build stronger ties with the community of end-users who frequent your brand. Every call, text, and contact is an opportunity to gain a lifelong subscriber to your brand and business model.

With the use of Bright Pattern systems, businesses no longer have to choose between a low-cost calling option that relies on outsourced agents and an in-house team that will run over budget.

Implement Bright Pattern contact solutions into your business model today to enjoy unprecedented success in your customer service processes and boost consumer sentiment in your brand.