The magnitude of technological shifts that we are trying to manifest here hasn’t been attempted in a long time
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Last week, Facebook announced a major corporate rebrand by changing its company name to Meta. As CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge, the new name is meant to solidify the social media giant’s long-term bet on building the metaverse.

Leading that work directly is Andrew Bosworth, a 15-year-veteran of Facebook who leads its Reality Labs division building consumer hardware and software, including the Quest VR headset. His organization has over 10,000 employees and is spending at least $10 billion this year alone. Before Reality Labs, he led the division building Facebook’s advertising business and co-invented staple features like the News Feed and Groups. Next year, he will become the chief technology officer of Meta, expanding his remit to include the company’s artificial intelligence and broader engineering teams.

Bosworth (who goes by “Boz”) talked with senior reporter Alex Heath about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, how content moderation will work in the metaverse, and the hardware journey from virtual to mixed reality and, eventually, AR glasses. Bosworth also touched on the controversy surrounding the Facebook Papers, a trove of internal documents leaked by an ex-employee named Frances Haugen, that he argues “don’t tell a particularly objective story.”