Beats Fit Pro Review: Sporty Airpod Pros With Better Sound

The latest Beats earbuds are the company’s best product since the Powerbeats Pro
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Beats has been busy. After releasing the Studio Buds earlier this year, today the Apple-owned brand is back with the more premium Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds. It’s unusual to see two completely new products from Beats in a single year, but perhaps the company is trying to make a point that it’s not idly sitting by and playing second fiddle to Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro. If anything, the $200 Fit Pros demonstrate that Beats has found its focus.

The Fit Pros are a wonderfully designed pair of earbuds that integrate the best of Apple tech. They’ve got active noise cancellation that’s on par with the AirPods Pro. The same spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. The same Adaptive EQ. They even have the brand-new skin detect sensor that only just debuted in the third-generation AirPods. There’ve been many questions about where Beats fits into Apple’s long-term plans, and while a single product can’t really provide an answer to that, the Fit Pros are solid evidence that this brand isn’t being pushed to the wayside anytime soon.

When I reviewed the Studio Buds, I praised their ambition and Beats’ attempt to cater to Android users as much as iPhone owners. But despite their great comfort, good sound, and compact design, those earbuds had some key missing features and fell a bit flat on execution. Not so with the Beats Fit Pros. They’re exactly what you’d want them to be.

These are the best earbuds Beats has ever made.