About Me

This blog is managed by Jay(administrator)I am Computer science student I am just a new blogger in blogger – world, Basically, I am from Shimla Himachal Pradesh and lives in Chandigarh.

Hey, Allow me to formally introduce myself to you: My name is Jay and I am a man who is passionate about technology and Computer.

I completed my primary education with CBSE Delhi in 2011, and received my diploma in Engineering from GPC Kangra(h.p.). I have learned many things from my field. I love my work so much because it gives me relaxation.

Computers and technology have been my passion since I was a child. I began my journey by writing a blog in Blogspot service. For now, I am just a part time blogger but for further life, I want to be a successful professional blogger.

If you share similar interests, feel free to join us on our blog.