Whatsapp Tricks 2019 – Try Once in Your life

Tech4Hacks: Whatsapp is regularly updating the security and the features, that’s why it’s been so easy and useful to find latest whatsapp tricks for Whatsapp. Today, we had posted or tried to perform some new tricks & tips for better conversations or features.

I am using the Whatsapp Since it was launched on the Java devices, that time I was like “What I am doing on Whatsapp Because there is no single contact in my phonebook, that uses the Whatsapp for chatting”. So, I had decided to uninstall it, but after that one of my collegemate sent me a message on WhatsApp. I was like it’s an awesome app. That’s the day, I had tried to do lot’s of WhatsApp tricks and tips and they are worked for me today I am going to list the most useful Whatsapp Tricks and Tips Here. If you are a techie person then, they aren’t hard for you. You can easily perform these tricks and enjoy the better customization and the features for a lifetime.

Since there are lot’s of Whatsapp tricks are available on the internet but I would like to share the only some of the best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2019 – 2020. Do follow these tricks and tips for getting the best performance of WhatsApp. If you are looking for the Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2019, then you should definitely check out these most useful tricks and tips now. Here are most useful tricks and tips you should try in 2019.

whatsapp tricks and tips 2019

Whatsapp Tricks & Tips 2019 – Try Once in Your Life

Here are the most useful Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2019. These tricks are tested and searched on the internet. There is a huge collection on the internet of Whatsapp Tricks. Only the tested and the useful tricks are posted here. We are very curious to tell you about these Whatsapp hacks and tricks.

1. Use Whatsapp without Any Number

Friends today I am going to tell you, how you can use the Whatsapp without any number. You can use the WhatsApp trick to use the WhatsApp without having the mobile number. This is the easy process in 2019, for pranking with your friends or family members. But not that, dont try to do something illegal with the Whatsapp trick in future. Here are the simple tricks to start tricking your friends.

  • Firstly, make sure to uninstall the WhatsApp, which was already installed on your device.
  • After that, download the fresh version of the Whatsapp from the Play Store.
  • Now install the Spoof Message Application from play store & Install it.
  • After that, turn the flight mode on in your device.
  • Now, you will be asked for the offline verification method.
  • Click on Check through Sms, and enter your email ID.
  • Open the Spoof Message App and enter the details which are given below:-

    To: +447900347295.
    From: +(Country Code) (Mobile Number).
    Message: Your Email address.

  • These details are used to verify your Whatsapp Account. That’s it, You have successfully created the account without having any number.
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2. Spy on Friends Whatsapp Account

This is the most interesting and the widely searched trick on the internet. As we know how much it is dangerous for you guys. So, we had made to try it simply to tell you about the Spying trick. Spying on the friends WhatsApp is a crime, don’t do these type of hacking tricks for the illegal purpose. Follow the steps to spy on friends WhatsApp account.

  • Firstly, you have to take the friends device to do some tasks.
  • There is a huge number of spying apps are available on the internet that is used to spy on friends WhatsApp account.
  • After that, Install the spy app on friends Android phone.
  • Follow the instructions and that’s it.
  • You had successfully done the spying on your friends Android Phone.

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3. Disable Blue Tick in Whatsapp

Are you wonder, how this is possible to disable the blue tick in the Whatsapp. That’s true, you can easily disable the Whatsapp Blue Tick. There are 2-3 ways to disable the blue tick in the WhatsApp. I am going to tell you the legit and the trusted way to disable the Whatsapp blue Tick. Check Here-

  • You can disable the WhatsApp blue tick also by using the third party WhatsApp messenger.
  • That is the easiest way to disable the WhatsApp blue tick.
  • But I will suggest you use the official way of disabling blue tick.
  • Go to your WhatsApp privacy setting and uncheck the read receipts option.

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4. Use Dual Whatsapp on Android

This is the common feature in nowadays for the peoples. The latest smartphones are already come up with the App Twin features. Every mid-range phone like 10-20k has an app twin features in it. If you are low range phone then do not worry. There are third party apps which will help you to use the dual WhatsApp account on your Android or iPhone device.

  • Go to the Play Store and search for parallel space app.
  • The app helps you to use the dual WhatsApp account in a single device.
  • It is a very easy process to use the Dual Whatsapp Account.
  • That’s it.

These are the some of the Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2019, which are tested till now. There are a lot more tell you guys. I will post the more 15+ Whatsapp trick & tips for more details.

If you had liked the Whatsapp Tricks and Tips Posts, then do share and follow the tech4hacks website. More hacking tricks and tips coming soon guy’s.


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