Most Interesting Hack Tricks 2019 You Should Learn Now


Tech4hacks: As we all know the hacking is now a basic thing for every single person. If you want more ethical hacking knowledge, then do check out the Most interesting Hacking Tricks 2019 for better ethical hacking learning. Every single hack tricks provided here is used by pro hacker to target the normal users on the internet.

Have you not yet check the Hacking Tricks of 2018, then do check out here. The hacking tricks provided here are all about the Android Phone, iPhone, Windows, and Computer devices. Hacking Tricks 2019 are always provided for you on tech4hacks to know about latest safety on the Internet. The Professional hackers are using unique tricks in every single second to exploit into the Android Phones and Computer Devices. That’s why we had posted the Most useful and tested Hack Tricks & Tips 2019 to crack any security system.

I am using the Internet since 2009, and I knows everything about the Internet scams and the pro techniques. I know you are limited to the Android or Windows hack, but you can’t even think that how fastly the Hacking tricks changed in last some day’s. You need to follow these tricks & tips to test your securities in nowadays.

hacking tricks 2019

Most Interesting Hacking Tricks 2019 – You Should Learn

There are many ways to exploit the Android and Windows system. But note that, you are suggested to not to test these Hacking tricks 2019 on unknown persons or users.

#1. Hack Home Screen Lock on Android Device

If you are a beginner, then this is the most useful and the easy task to do for you without wasting much time. Start your Basic Hacking tricks learning now. You can easily crack the Home Screen lock or pattern lock any Android phone by following these simple tricks. This is at the top of the Hacking Tricks 2019 Because it is easy and most interesting for everyone to do. Users can easily get into the victim’s menu by following the trick. Check out the procedure to access the Android phone without having the lock screen password. Check how you can hack lock screen password.

  • You have to click on the Emergency Calling button first.
  • After, that enter the Random numbers and special character until the maximum limit.
  • Note these numbers, which you have types before.
  • Now, access your camera through the lock screen. Many Android phones have the camera working on the lock screen.
  • Touch and hold the screen and move downward. It will ask you to enter the password.
  • Paste or types those noted numbers and characters there.
  • After that, your camera app will be crash and the main menu will be opened.
  • Repeat the steps again and again if the trick is not working.

The hacking trick 2019 is provided for those users who are new to the hacking area. The trick to hack the lock screen of any Android phone. Check out the other hack tricks & tips 2019 to learn ethical hacking tricks.

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#2. Hack Trick 2019 for Any Android Game

Note that, you can easily hack any of the Android game, which is paid or pro. If you are a Gamer or loves to play games on the Android phone then do check out the Hack trick for any Android game here. Check out how you can any of the Android game without having any problem. Every game for the Android phone has a variability in it, which is a weak point to hack the Android game. Here is the article how you can hack the Android game using this trick in 2019.

Hack Android Game

#3. Phishing

This is the oldest method to hack any of the social accounts on the internet. Social media is the best part of the user’s life, we can say that “Half of the time will be spent on the Social media accounts”. Phishing is the oldest technique for learning to hack. To learn phishing techniques you have to know about some basics languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS. You can learn about the phishing on our website, and perform various Phishing techniques. Learn about phishing and follow these steps to safe and test phishing for security reasons.

  • The Phishing can be done by any level hacker according to research.
  • Phishing can be done by sending the victim a fake login page.
  • When the victim logged in through your link, it will automatically be saved on your web server.
  • You will not understand the technique until you performed it only for security reasons.
  • There are various hosting providers which are providing free hostings.

How to be safe from Phishing Hack Trick 2019

In 2019 you have to follow some methods to stay safe from the Phishing Hacking Tricks. As the time has been changed and hackers are using different techniques to hack the Computer & Android phones. Check out the Phishing safety tricks here.

  • Do not open the spam emails.
  • Spammy links should be avoided.
  • Do not download apps or any other files from the spammy sites.

#4. Spyware – Spy on Android or Windows

These are the most used hack tricks used by the users in nowadays. You have to save from these types of the Spyware apps. I am saying these types of apps dangerous apps because they are very harmful, if you are a bank employee or company accountant, then make sure that you don’t have installed these types of apps.  But on the other side, the parents can install these apps on their phone to monitor the children activity. The Internet is full of these types of apps, do check out the Spyware article to know more about them.

How to Safe from Spyware Apps

  • Don’t download apps from third-party websites.
  • Always read the security permission before installing the app.
  • Don’t root an Android phone, because rooting will give hackers many things to do without your permissions.

These are the most interesting hacking tricks 2019, which you should learn to save from the hackers. I am using the Internet for a long time and goes through various online scams and hacks. That’s why I am sharing my experience and many techniques. Check out another article also for learning about new things.


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