How to Recover Deleted Videos and Pictures on Android Phone 2018


Hey Techie, Ajay Thakur welcomes you in the Tech4Hacks website. In our recent mail system, we will get a mail about how to “Recover Deleted Videos & Pictures on Android” by Prashant Thakur. A good question asked by the techie person. So, I will tell how sometimes I used some of the tricks to Recover my lost data or formatted data. Believe me, you won’t required any special trick to get your data back. You need some of the Basic Skills and Internet connection to perform this action. If you are not using an Android phone, you can follow some of the tricks also for the Ios and Windows platform. But we won’t make sure that the Data will be recover or not.

Tech4Hacks: The Tech4Hacks is the best place to know the latest tricks and tips for the Android Phone and Ios Devices. Deleted videos can be recovered by many tricks but you are suggested to use the backup device for your Videos and Pictures without having any tensions to losing your data. Read the article about the “Recover Deleted Videos & Pictures on Android”.

With the time, the number of Android users are increasing fastly. if you are one of them who is finding the problem to recover the Android Data are advised to read the tricks and apps which are used for the Recovering of the Android Videos and Pictures. There are lots of Android tools available on internet which claims that they will restore your Android data easily without having any problem. But only a few of them are 100% working for the users. Which are tested and used by me are listed below. Follow these tricks & tips to save your Android Videos and Pictures.

Recover Deleted Videos & Pictures on Android Phone

Deleting Android videos and Pictures on an Android phone is the very easy task but recovering Android data is very difficult for everyone. If you are having any problem to recover the Android Deleted Videos and pictures, you can comment below with your queries. We will help our readers and users to get their Android Data back on their Android phone. These apps and the tools provided below are free of cost and easy to use for anyone.

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Follow and Install these Android tools and apps to recover Android Deleted Videos and Pictures.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Videos and Pictures?

Yes, It is possible to easily Recover the Android Deleted Videos and Pictures But if you had not formatted SD Card or Internet Storage yet. Otherwise, It’s very tough to recover the Android Deleted Videos and Pictures. As you are not a professional developer or techie person, you can use recycle bin software for the Android phone. This will help you to not to permanently delete the Android videos and pictures. Most of the users are unaware of the power of Android Phone and always visit nearby Phone Data Restoring shop and that will cost around $4 – $5.

How to Recover Deleted Videos and Pictures on Android Phone 2018?

Check out these tricks and tools which I used to save my Android Data and Restore Again. Most of the listed Tools are free of cost and used by anyone without having any skill issues. Check out the list of the best Android Restore APK.

1. Dumpster

OMG! I Can’t believe how beautifully Dumpster recover My Android Videos and Pictures, without any trick. The user interface for the Beginner is very good. But note that, you must install the Dumpster before deleting the any of your data, otherwise it won’t work accurately. Rooting is not necessary for the Dumpster, but if you want that the app should work fine you must root the Android phone. The other features are too included in the Dumpster like Enable Recycle Bin, Cloud Storage and Private your Files.

recover deleted videos and images on Android

Just Install The Dumpster on your Android phone and It Will automatically creates the backup files for your Android Phone Files. After the Installing the app, whenever you delete the files, it will show the pictures, and you have to simply click on UnDelete. Give it and a try and always care about your Photos and videos guys.

Restore Deleted Photos by Dumpster
Restore Deleted Photos by Dumpster

2. Recover Using DigDeep Image Recovery App

If you are not able to recover the Deleted Photos and Videos using Dumpster Recovery software, you can use the DigDeep Image Recovery App to recover the deleted Images and Videos. Media is always the first choice for the user who loves to record videos and images. Sometime, you may accident delete the Images and Videos of your Android Phone, at that time you feel like you had deleted your past. Don’t worry, we will provide you the best tool to recover the Images and the Videos easily is less than a 5 Minute. Follow the Steps below:

restore android videos and images 2018

DigDeep Image Recovery
DigDeep Image Recovery
Developer: GreatStuffApps
Price: Free
  1. First get the DigDeep Image Recovery app from the Play store free of cost.
  2. Install the DigDeep Image Recovery app on your Android Phone.
  3. When you will open the app very first time, It will take some time to scan your folders and files.
  4. After scanning end, it will show the all files and folders under specific folders, in which they are deleted previously.
  5. Search for the image that you want to restore and back to your Android Phone.
  6. Select the image and click on the restore button, It will automatically save into your Local Storage.

Here are the some of the Features of the Dig Deep Image Recovery App for Android

  • Recover internal and external images.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works without root Android.
  • All type of Images is supported by the Dig Deep Image Recovery App.

Wrap UP: So, this is how you can restore the Android Deleted videos and images. The users should not root the Android devices without knowing more about the rooting stuff. So, you are always suggested to use without rooting apps, otherwise, you may avoid your product warranty.

Have any question about the Recover Deleted Videos and Images 2018, Do Ask the question in below comment box. We will reply you as soon as possible.


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