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Best Android Assistant Apps for Personal Use has been listed below. If you are unaware of the Android Assistant or Voice Assistant apps, then let me tell you, the apps which will remind you and manage your tasks are called Android assistant apps. There are several Android Assistant apps, which are used by me for personal use. Android is one of the best platforms for doing multiple tasks and simultaneously doing your work.

The users who will aware of the Best Android Assistant apps agree that how useful is Android Voice Assistant apps. After posting some of the useful Android Apps articles, readers ask us to post the more Android best apps, which will help you to manage your Android device easily. The voice assistant will do your tasks with just a voice command, which are set by you at the time of installation. You can add more Android Assistant Commands if you want to do. Check out the Best & Top Android Assistant Apps 2020.

Tech4Hacks: Android Voice Assistant Apps are the apps which will do work on Android device by just commanding your voice. The voice commands are useful when you are busy with your hands. The voice commands apps some time required the good quality communication skills, so you must have a great English speaking skill. Check out the most used Best Android Assistant Apps of 2018.

There are so many apps uploaded daily on Playstore and other Android stores. But note that, there are only a few professional apps which worked well in my cases. If you are using any of the best Android Assistant apps, do let us know below in the comment box.

Best Android Assistant Apps of 2020 {*Cool Android Apps*}

best android personal assistant apps 2018

There are some of the useful apps, with time we will upgrade the best Android apps for voice assistant. Soon, the technology will move you to next level of the world. There are so many Android apps which will manage your Android Phone easily.

  1. Google Assistant: It is a one of the best Android Voice Assistant application for Android Phone which allowed you to talk to your phone and performing tasks. By default Google basic version is already installed on the Android devicebest android assistants apps 2018. You can launch the Google Assistant App by pressing the home button and by saying “Ok Google”. When you are commuting, you can easily perform many tasks such as Make call and play your favorite tracks.You can also ask the Questions from Google Personal Assistant. If you have an internet connection, you will get as many answers you will ask the Android phone Google Assistant. You can get the Google Personal Assistant from the Play store freely. Google Assistant is the best secure and trusted Voice assistant, that’s why it is on the list here.Google Assistant Features:-

    1. Easily Make Call.
    2. Send Text SMS.
    3. Playing Music Files.
    4. Map Navigations Control.

      Google Assistant Wiki Informations

  2. Smart Voice Assistant: It is on the list of best Android Assistant because it has a great Commands and user interface. You can easily switch your tasks and performs an action using the Smart Voice Assistant app. Smart Voice Assistant is a day to day application which will manage your Android phone service assistant apps If you are looking for the Personal Android Assistant, then give it a try. I am using this Smart Voice Assistant Android app since I had bought the second Android phone of my life.You can save your lot’s of time by using this Android application. Think about typing time and writing time, you should definitely go for the Smart Voice Assistant Android app, that will help you to save your time. The application is very useful when you will driving car and bike. You can simply perform various actions. Check out the Smart Voice Assistant Features below:
    1. Voice Dialing.
    2. Send Messages & Typing.
    3. Navigation to Destination.
    4. Search on the Internet.
    5. Launch App.
    6. Battery Levels.
      Smart Voice Assistant
      Smart Voice Assistant
      Developer: voiceassistant
      Price: Free
  3. Lyra Virtual Assistant: If you are missing you Girl Friend don’t worry Lyra Virtual Assistant is there :). android assistant apps 2018Lyra Virtual Assistant is the most beautifully functionalized Lyra Virtual Assistant Android app. The Lyra will understand your problems and the also give answers to your questions. The best thing about the Lyra Virtual Assistant is that “She will give you her personal opinion about the tasks also”.Lyra Virtual Assistant is the Android App which talks like a human. Lyra Virtual Assistant is used by many peoples in a real time. You can check out the Lyra Virtual Assistant Features below in the further sections.
    Lyra Virtual Assistant
    Lyra Virtual Assistant
    Features of Lyra Virtual Assistant:
    1. Fins local shops.
    2. Translate word and phrase quickly.
    3. Search Contacts.
    4. Whether Informations.
    5. Set Morning Alarms.
  4. DataBot Assistant: DataBot Assistant is Android App which will allow you to communicate with the Android Device and tasks which are capable of the DataBot Assistant App. Note that not every app is compatible with the DataBot Assistant Module. But most of the useful and updated apps can be control by the DataBot Assistant. The DataBot Assistant is very useful when you are studying, driving and biking. For better functioning please use great quality headphones and DataBot Assistant.DataBot Assistant is my next Voice Assistant, I am going to install the DataBot Assistant Android App soon on my Android phone. It has a great number of features, you can also upgrade for the premium part of the Android App. Features of DataBot Assistant:
    1. Quickly Voice Search.
    2. Answer your questions.
    3. Allows you to share various things.
    4. Cross Multiple Platform Application.
    5. You can chat without touching your phone.How To Hack Facebook Messenger on Android
  5. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant: If you are a Marvel fan, then you must know about the Friday Assistant of Tony Stark. best android personal assistantI think you know how Tony Stark manages his tasks by commanding the Friday Smart Assistant. Friday is one of the best Command assistants for those who love technology and become a good engineer in future :). Well, I am a Big Fan of Tony Stark technology, that’s why I am listing this Android Assistant on 5th number.I would like to suggest you Friday Assistant Application app if you are a Marvel Fans. Otherwise, you will miss some feature in this app. As I am a fan of Marvel’s that’s why the app in the list of best Android Assistant apps 2018.
    Features of Friday Android Assistant:

    1. Take a Selfie.
    2. Stay updated with the weather.
    3. Post directly on facebook.
    4. Ask your Questions.
  6. Robin AL Voice Assistant: Like Lyra, Robin AL Voice Assistant is also a great app for the audio burst. Lot’s of people are finding it useful during driving, biking and studying. You can get lots of features in the Robin AL Voice Assistant App. People like me are enjoying the company of Friday but many peoples are addicted to female Voice assistants.When I had installed the Robin AL Voice Assistant, the response time of the Robin is ultimate, not like other apps. It is much better and fasts then other apps. If you are looking for Android Assistant which is reliable and quick responsive go with the Robin AL Voice Assistant.
    Robin - AI Voice Assistant
    Robin - AI Voice Assistant
    Developer: Audioburst
    Price: Free
    Features of Robin AL Voice Assistant:
    1. Robin is trusted Voice Assistant.
    2. Gesture Activation.
    3. Voice calling.
    4. Navigation Features.
    5. Voice Messaging.
    6. Voice Web Search.
  7. Cortana For Android (Unreleased): Cortana For Android is the un-released product of the Microsoft Corporation. There are millions of install for this great application. After installing the Cortana for Android, you will know the real use of Personal Assistants. Basically, Cortana is a female Personal Assistant. Everyone knows that female personal assistant apps are popular than the voice of the male. That’s why the Female personal assistants are more than the males Android Assistant.
    Cortana for Android
    Cortana for Android
    Cortana for Android is the best Digital smart assistant for those who are businessman and marketing employee. Users can set a reminder and Cortana will tell them about the reminders. Cortana For Android has many features, check out the features below.

    1. Set Personal Reminders.
    2. Set reminders according to locations.
    3. Traffic & Calenders updates.
    4. News updates.
  8. Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant: The extreme Personal voice assistant is the downgrade of the Friday assistant of tony voice personal assistants It is designed as a Jarvis Android assistant of the Tony Stark. The extreme is in 8th place because it has some fewer features than other listed Best android assistant apps 2018. The Indian users will have an additional language like Hindi and Tamil.There are other good features in the Extreme Personal Assistant like Facebook Share, Search Online Web, Daily Updates and News updates about the entertainment.

    Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant Features:

    1. Supports Skype, Whatsapp, & FB.
    2. Share Photos.
    3. Take Selfie.
    4. Ask your questions.
  9. Sherpa: Sherpa is an artificial intelligence Android application, which is based on probabilistic Models. best android assistant apps 2018It’s raining outside, SHERPA will let you know to take an umbrella with you. are you missing some favorite match, then do not worry Sherpa will update you with your latest match result and updates.Some of the Sherpa Service is based on the locations. The readers who are loving to manage their locations tasks and reminders in the current place should download the Sherpa Android assistant app.
    Sherpa Assistant
    Sherpa Assistant
    Developer: SHERPA
    Price: To be announced
    Features of Sherpa Android App:

    1. Current Updates of news.
    2. Location reminders.
    3. Near By Resturants.
  10. SAIY – Voice Command Assistant: It is all new Voice Controlled Android assistant which is very important when you are driving or biking. The Saiy developers claim that they have very good features as like Siri and Google Assistant. You must have to give some permissions and access to the Android administrator.
    best android assistant apps 2018
    Saiy - Voice Command Assistant
    Saiy - Voice Command Assistant
    Developer: Saiy Ltd.
    Price: Free+
    A feature of SAIY Voice Command Assistant:

    1. Offline Commands.
    2. Ultrafast functioning.
    3. Light Weight.

These are the top 10 most used and best Android Assistant Apps of 2020 according to me If you think that, there is another app which is useful and missed from the list. You can comment below. We will surely put the App on our Android Assistant best app list.



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