Best 5 Fast Charging Apps for Android Phone 2018 (No Root)


Tech4Hacks: There are lot’s of bugs and apps which are using battery on a regular basis. Today, we are going to posted the top 5 Fast Charging Apps for Android Phone. It’s very difficult to having a good battery backup in nowdays, that’s why we are writing this important article.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to save your battery in daily life because Android apps are very battery consuming. Daily new apps are uploaded to the Play Store which is used as many services of your Android phone. If you are having a huge number of applications on the Android phone, you should definitely check out these Charging Apps. Most of the latest Android models are coming in the market with pre-loaded fast charging apps.

If you are looking for the Top 5 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android Phone, then you should definitely give it a try to charge fast your Android phone. These apps work smoothly and free of spyware. How these apps will work on the Android device will be discussed below.

top 5 fast charging apps for Android phone
Top Best Charging Apps for Android

How These Charging Apps Works: The Fast charging apps work on the basic functions like, Background apps will be killed and services will be shut down by these apps. These apps will be spam free and 100% working. There are also thousands of fake apps also available online. But, here we had posted only trusted and malware free Fast Charging Apps. These apps work fine without rooting the Android Device.

Top 5 Fast Charging Apps for Android 2018 (No Root)

Check out these Top 5 Fast Charging Apps for Android Phone. Quickly install and share apps with your friends and Family:

#1. Battery Doctor – Save Battery Backup

Battery Doctor is one of the best Android application for charging your Android phone fastly. Most of the unwanted applications are running in the background of the Android Device. Battery Doctor is the best choice for the task to stop the unnecessary background apps of the Android Device. It allows you Fast Charging your Android Phone. It’s the one of the best Battery Saver we have seen on Google Play Store.

Some Features of Battery Doctor

  • Awesome Charging tips.
  • Shutdown apps when screen off.
  • Accurate Battery Remaining Time.
  • Battery Temperature.
  • Brightness Control.
  • Easy User – Interface.

#2. DU Battery Saver – Battery Life Saver

DU Battery Saver is the oldest Battery Charging & Saver application. In some of the Android model, it is already installed. There are around 600+ Million users which are using DU Battery Saver. It is all in one battery management App according to us. It helps you to clear the background tasks and junk files effectively. Check out the some of important features of the DU Battery Saver Application.

Some Features of DU Battery Saver

  • Increase your Battery health.
  • Trusted Battery Saver.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Clear Junk Files.
  • Phone Cooler.
  • Battery Management.

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#3. Dr. Battery – Fast Charger


Dr. Battery is simple and easy to use Fast Battery charger application. You can charge your Android Phone Battery up to 30-40% fast comparing then a normal phone. After installing the Dr. Battery you need to give it Administrator rights to working fine with the Android phone. It will clean the Ram, Memory and unwanted tasks. If you are the beginner on Android phone, you should install it once in a life to save battery.

Some Important Features of Dr. Battery

  • Clean Ram.
  • Memory free Up.
  • Fast Battery Charging.
  • Monitor Battery.
  • Cooldown Phone.
  • Kill unnecessary running services.
  • Intelligent Brightness Controller.
  • Automatic Kill tasks when the screen goes off.

#4. Super Fast Charger 5X

Super Fast Charger 5x
Super Fast Charger 5x
Developer: thanhios68
Price: Free+

The simplest Fast Battery charging app in above list. It automatically starts when you connect the Charger point to the Android Device. After that, you have to click on the start button. Super Fast Charger 5X not only charge fast but also increase the Battery health. The application is very small but it’s very effective for the Android phones.

Some Important Features of Super Fast Charger 5X

  • Super Fast Charging.
  • Increase Battery Health.
  • Clean junk files.
  • Ram Clean Up.
  • Kill Background Services.

#5. Fast Charger Battery Master

Fast Charger Battery Master
Fast Charger Battery Master
Developer: ECO STUDIO
Price: Free+

The app knows that there are many apps which use 3G and 4G background for the applications. After the application install, you will know how much it improves your Battery Consumption process and life. It does not only increase battery life but also stopped connection which is battery consuming. In one click you can do multiple tasks such as MemoryCleanupp, Ram boosting and Background app killer.

Some Important Feature of Fast Charger Battery Master

  • Optimize with 1 Click.
  • Ram Booster.
  • Task Killer.
  • Quick Charging Feature.
  • CoolDown Android Phone.
  • Automatic Control Brightness.

These are the most used and trusted Fast charging apps which are used by millions of peoples. If you are really want to save your battery life, then you should check out these Most popular top 5 best fast charging apps. For now you can check out the other important articles at tech4hacks.



  1. Thank you Ajay for sharing this list. I have downloaded the DU Battery and I got very good power saving result. You made my day and also now battery life is improved.


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