How to Jailbreak iPhone X Running on iOS 11


Everyone knows that the Apple has released the iPhone X and iPhone 8 in last month. So, in last some days, we got lot’s of mail saying that “How to Jailbreak iPhone X running on iOS 11“.  Before jailbreaking the iOS you must know about the which version is loaded on your iPhone. That’s why you need to know about the specifications of the iPhone X iOS 11.

Apple is one of the best brand which serves Phones and Macbooks in last many years. So, according to the social media servey peoples had done many thing unexpected to get the iPhone devices. So, if you grab your own Apple iPhone X or any other, then you should read this artice about iPhone X jailbreaking.

To Jailbreak iPhone X or iPhone 8, you must follow the article provided here by our tech reviewers. Before proceeding to the Jailbreaking tutorial you should know about the important facts about the Jailbreaking of the iPhone X. Follow the steps below to jailbreak your iPhone X.

jailbreak iphone x 2017, jailbreak iPhone 8 Plus

Is it Legal to Jailbreak iPhone X or iPhone 8?

The answer is Big Yes! you can have access on jailbreaking. In most popular countries like U.S. and others, it is lawful. But in some countries, it is law breaking. But don’t worry you don’t need to worry about it, cause all jailbreaking credit goes to jailbreak developers :).

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Jailbreak iPhone X using Pangu App – Simplest Method to Jailbreak

To jailbreak iPhone x using Pangu application you have to follow the instructions given below by the tester:

  • Firstly you have to install Safari Browser on your iPhone X, cause the Pangu app will work perfectly with the Safari browser.
  • After installing Safari open it from the Main Menu as given below.jailbreak iphone x
  • Now put in Address bar []. Click enter or go.jailbreak iphone x
  • After that, your page will be loaded and click on the UP arrow button on the bottom of the page [iPhone X]. Note that the UP arrow button will be on top in iPad.jailbreak iphone x
  • Wait for the second and new option will be a load which will be Add to home Screen and others. Check below images.jailbreak iphone x 2017
  • You add to home screen option will ask you for the Application name. Put your app name Pangu. Click on Add button.jailbreak iphone x & jailbreak iphone 8 plus
  • Now close Safari browser and check the Pangu App icon on the Home Page Screen.jailbreak iphone x & jailbreak iPhone 8 plus
  • Now, when you click on the Pangu App on the home screen, you can easily jailbreak your device or get the latest updates of the Cydia and the latest apps.

Jailbreak iPhone using the Yalu Application | Most Used Jailbreaking Application

This is the newest method of the jailbreaking the iPhone devices. Make sure to fulfill all the requirements to jailbreak the iPhone using Yalu Application. Previously Yalu app is used to jailbreak the iOS 10 but recently it is upgraded to jailbreak the iOS 11. Follow the below-given steps to Jailbreak iPhone X.

  • The Yalu App works like Pangu app. You can Download the app from [].
  • The steps are same as given in the above Pangu Application tutorial.
  • Follow all steps from 1st to last to install Yalu Application.

Yalu IPA Install using Cydia Impactor on iOS 11

Recently this method was released by the Luca Todeso team. After a long time waiting this IPA method was released by the team. This is the only method which is 100% working for jailbreak the iOS 11 for now. Yet we are testing this method whenever the method was successfully performed by us, we will share all the steps here with the images.

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking iPhone X or iOS 11.

It is easy to hack and exploit into Jailbreaked iPhone. So, it’s very difficult to manage the jailbreak iPhone. So, we suggest you to not jailbreaking the iPhone X. Some time iPhone works unstable after jailbreaking the device.

Stay connected to us soon we will share this method of Jailbreak iPhone X or iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.


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