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Today we are going to talking about the In-App Purchase Hack Applications. Everyone knows that the how important Application are in our life. The some of the applications are paid or some of the applications are paid. To access more features and apps you need to buy them from the application store. That’s why today we are here with an In-App Purchase Hack tutorial.

In-App Purchase hack application

In-App Purchase hack applications are listed below and you can check out them one by one. After that comment below, which is working for you. Let’s discuss below guys.

What are the benefits of In-App Purchase Hack?

By using this In-App Purchase Hack you can have some extra benefits like more power, fewer ads, and more features. Also, you can upgrade the applications whenever the newer version is updated on the play store. If you don’t know how to download and install In-App Purchase freely on Android phone, please read below.

Note: The hacking articles on our website are only for the educational purpose. We don’t support any black hat technique’s, we are the group of white hat hackers only. And the tricks provide here are only for the educational purpose.

5+ In-App Purchase Hack Applications & Tricks 2020

Here is the list of the top applications which are used to Hack In-App Purchase 2017. If you had tried any other application do let us know below in the comment box. Let’s discuss the details about the 5 In-App Purchase Applications.

1. Lucky Patcher In-App Purchase Hacker

The first method is to use Lucky Patcher app, It is a most popular app which Hacks All Playstore Games in 5 Minute.
1. Download Lucky Patcher Game Hacker App.
2. The app is freely available for everyone, Once downloaded open it from the menu bar. Sometimes It asking for root access, if you have rooted android device then click on grant otherwise it’s ok.
3. Now a List of Installed Apps is shown by Lucky Patcher. Choose your App you want to hack. Please note that app in purchase must be available for that app.
4. Click on App and Open menu for patches.
Game hacker app for android phones no root 2017
5. Select Create & Modified APK file now.
Game hacker app for android phones no root 2017
6. Again a popup box will be open and choose the “APK rebuild for InApp and LVL Emulation.
Game hacker app for android phones no root 2017
7. Now Uninstall the previous version of the application and Install new modified app. You can find the modified APK file in
SDCARD>Android>Data>com.forpda.lp>Files>Luckypatcher>modified>APK file
That’s it, And just install the modded app on your Android smartphone. 

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2. CreeHack Android Game Hacker App without Root 2020

Creehack is another Game hacker app for Android smartphones. By using the Creehack app, you can by-pass the app in purchase for many games which you want to play. By using this app, you will be able to buy the free gems, coins, and golds.
The Android game hacker app is totally free and available for many games. Here is a list of games which will be supported by Creehack Android App.
Follow the step to hack Android games using Creehack:
  • Download and install the creehack app into your android phone.
  • Open App and click on enable button.
  • Now, open any game which required app in the purchase. Like any of the above list game which I have given.
  • Now, just go to the shop and buy some items. Just click on buy and wait for 10 seconds. It will automatically pop up the successful confirmation. No need to do anything guys.
That’s all you have successfully hacked unlimited gold storage, unlimited coins, and much more countless things. Enjoy the countless stuff.

3. Uret Patcher Application Hacker (Root Required)

Uret Patcher is the 3rd most used and popular In-App Purchase Hack tool, which I had used in my previous 3 months. You can download the Uret Patcher from the below given link. For effective working the Uret Patcher is designed for some apps, it does not work with the all application available on Android play store. But they had designed the universal hack too, but they don’t make sure that they had a patch for all the available applications on play store.

Features of the Uret Patcher:

  • It only works for those apps, for which it designed.
  • Universal patcher is added in the application.
  •  You have to find the unmodified apk and modified using Uret Patcher.
  • The app doesn’t provide the cracked APK links or Paid apps links.

Download Uret Patcher

4. Freedom In-App Purchase Hack (Root Required)

Using the Freedom anyone can buy the paid version of the online applications, Coins, and Gold in certain games. The best way to hack the Paid games and online golds. You must give it a try to hack the Apps in Purchase. The basic functions which work for your Paid apps are Inbuilt FreeCard.

Some of the popular features of Freedom App is listed below guys. Check them out:

  • Download & install the Paid Apps & Games.
  • Get unlimited coins and golds. Online Games upgrades.
  • Freedom will help you to buy games megapacks using inbuilt free cards.

Download Freedom

5. Leo PlayCard Free In-App Purchase Application ( Root Not Required)

Play stores like aptoide and google play store are full of paid application. So, there are many developers who had built the Free in-App Purchase applications to download the paid apps freely. If you want the paid apps in free of cost then you should definitely go with the Leo Playcard application.

  • Leo PlayCard does not require the Root access to the device.
  • You can control the objects included in the Game using this Patch.
  • The Leo PlayCard has the ability to crack all the Modern Games & their upgrades.

Download Leo PlayCard

So, above are the most popular In-App Purchase Hack Tutorials. If you are using any other trick for your In-App Purchase hack, then please let us know below in the comment box. We will definitely share those tricks with our readers.


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