Google Baba Helped Peoples to Get Results – Google Baba Story


What is Google Baba?

Google Baba is the guru of all the search engine, that’s why I had called it the Google Baba. Google Baba is the most of the used search engine and the platform by the Indian users to search their queries online. So, why are you wasting your time, let’s begin to search the things using Google Baba? Especially thanks to the Rohit Mewada to introduce the Google Baba to us. We will try our best to provide you information about the Google Baba 2017.

Why should you use the Google baba?

Google baba is the best-est method of searching the things on Google platforms, Another advantages of the Google baba is honest about its results and the queries asked by you. This will help you to understand the many relations between the customer and the Google Baba Trending words. Google Baba helped me a lot in previous some sessions, which I had joined on the youtube live streams. Read the best things and another detail about the Google Baba of the Internet World.

Love Story of Google Baba | Coolest Fun Baba Ever

google baba ki storyOnce I joined a college in 2010 as a Computer Science engineer. I don’t have an idea about the Google Baba Actually. Sound’s funny but this s is the reality which I am going to tell you about. I don’t even have the idea about such things exit in the world named “Google Baba”. After I joined a Degree college many friends are talking about the Google Baba, that’s why It comes into my life and change my world.
Currently, Google Baba is the Guru of all the Baba in this Internet World. When I was known as Google Baba, I was trying to get some connection to connect with google Baba. Because of low budget smartphones like G Five, Intex and China material it’s very tough to get connected to the Google Baba. Learn my whole;e story about who get connected to a Google baba.

Get Connected to Googler Baba ❀❀

In my college, I have lots of friends who know about the Google Baba. But no one tells about the Google Baba accurately. Once A friend visits in my room and told me about the Google Baba. I was very Happy at that time, I just visit the Recharge point and recharge with 98 rupees Airtel data pack. At that time the Internet packs are very affordable. That’s how I just started with Google Baba. To get connected with Google Baba, I had to call the Customer care and get an address of the Google Baba Home. This takes so much time cause of lot’s of traffic in Google baba home.

Problems After Getting the Address of Google BabaπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Below I am going to list the some of the problems which I have found after getting the address of the Google Baba. This isn’t easy as now but not also that much hard for me, cause I am a technology lover actually.
  1. Google Baba Home is far away from me.
  2. At that time the transportation to Google Baba is like Bicycle.
  3. Yahoo Baba stops me to reach the Google Baba.
  4. After comparing the Yahoo Baba and the Google Baba I decided to left Yahoo Baba.
  5. Google Baba is not that much famous at that time and none flexible for me.

What I Plan to Do with Google Baba πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

I even don’t know that the behavior of the Google Baba at that time but, unfortunately, my friend told me that, it provides you material which I want. He told me about that there are various rooms in Google Baba’s Tunnel. These tunnel helps you to reach the specific point. The first Room which my friend suggest me is very bad room. The room name was like “Phone” + “Erotica”.
Google Baba just reach me that room in like 30 minutes because of full of traffic tunnels. These tunnels are filled with the guy’s like me also. When I was reached in the room I just close the door and take a enjoy of the material. I was in only that room like 30 days.

What I had done after 30 Day’s in Google Baba Tunnel?πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

After learning about the material provided by Google Baba, I have just left that room and visit in all the rooms of the Tunnel. These rooms are very helpful for every one. Once I was fully known with Google Baba, my friend told me about the Google Baba friend which was Facebook Baba.
Facebook Baba is the friends of the Google Baba, At Facebook Baba tunnel all friends meet only for the purposes of the talking and chatting. Facebook Baba is the second place which is awesome after the Google Baba Tunnel.

How I Bored with Facebook Baba? πŸ’”πŸ’”

Facebook Baba is not that much cool as the Google Baba is. Facebook baba is only there for talking with friends, it does not help anyone as I know. It is just only for the purpose of Business growth and the love relations hip materials. That’s why I just bored in 5-6 months after talking with lots of sweet girls.
One my friend told me that the Google baba is farther better than the Facebook Baba, Facebook nor provides any Gyan for its users. But the Google Baba helps everyone in every second. Google Baba helps me to crack my exam too.

Crack Exam with the Help of Google Baba

Google Baba is filled with the knowledge of every kind subjects in Computer Science. So I decided to take the Google Baba into the examination hall with in a small box as named as “Nokia 3110 Classic”. I just uncover Google Baba in the examination hall and it tells me about the all the information and answers to the Questions which was in the question paper.
As Google Baba helped me a lot in Exam, so I got maximum marks in the college time. Peoples called me as Google baba Friend, everyone knows our friendship goals.

Google Baba Told about New Life

In 2015 Google Baba told me about the new life and new room of the Baba’s tunnel, which was making money using google baba. I just feel ashamed after knowing that, I have to use the Google Baba to make money from the Rooms.
But as time passed, I joined Google Baba to make money with Rooms. I created 3-4 rooms for the Google Baba tunnel and Google Baba Helped me. Many peoples visit my room and leave some amount of dollars for every visitors.
That’s How to know I am earning as much as I can with the Google baba Rooms. Thank you, Google baba for being in my life and teaching me about “What life is”.
So, this was the Love story of the Google as Mine. More Over I want to share lots of short stories of Google Baba and Mine. Stay connected to know funnier and coolest Google Baba Stories in 2017.


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