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Guy’s after a long time I am go write an article about the Android hack Tools and apps of 2017. These tools are amazingly perfect for each and every hackers. Whether you are a beginner or Pro hacker, these hacking tools are easily understandable for each hacker. To learn more about the Top Android Hacking Tools, read below guy’s.

There are more than millions of Apps which claims that they are 100% working hacking apps. but only the some of the apps do their work perfectly. If you have any app that, we don’t know, please comment below. Our comment will be appreciated. Hacking is a process of exploiting into the victim’s Android phone or any other smart device.

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Top Android Hack Tools & Apps of 2017 – 2018

Follow the below given list, in which you will find the many apps including the WiFi Hacking Apps, Whatsapp Hacking Apps and the Facebook hacking apps. Follow below guys:
  1. Whatscan Hack Tool: Whatscan is the perfect hacking app for whatsapp. If you are beginner then it will be very easy to hack the Whatsapp Account using the Whatscan App. If you don’t have idea about codes and all that stuff then this app perfect for you. Follow the Below given link to know how you can hack Whatsapp with Whatscan App.

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  2. Spy Hack Tools: The guy’s who don’t about the Spy Apps, let me tell them. The Spy Hack Apps are the Apps which are specially developed for hack into the victim’s Mobile devices and the computer systems. These apps are easy to use and easy to send to exploit into the Victim’s system. You don’t need any extra skills to hack the Android phone using the Spy Hack Tools.
  3. WiFi Killer: The WiFi killer is the Networking hacking app, by which you can exploit into the WiFi Network. To use WiFi Killer app you must connected to a WiFi network first. After that you can kill any other devices WiFi by one click. Basically it will disable the access of Internet on other WiFi clients. So, give it a try guy’s.

  4. WPS Connect: WPS Connect is the best WiFi hacking app according to me, cause you don’t need any skills to hack WiFi through this hacking tool. This app allows you to disable the WiFi network of another user. It just amazing I even can’t tell you about this apps functions. Because it is awesome. Install App and start Hacking the WiFi around you. WPS let you hack the WiFi without rooting the Android device. But note that the application is not work properly if the WPS is not enabled on WiFi modem.

  5. WiFi Kill: The another best app to cracking the WiFi through Android. This app allows you to kill the connected WiFi devices in the same network. The interface is very easy and navigation panel is really good. It will listed the all devices connected on same network with the IP addresses.

  6. zAnti Network Tester: zAnti is a network testing tool with a graphical user interface. It is a fully developed network penetration toolkit, normally everyone can performs the various actions through this app. The App work with a Push button technique. It let you capture the data packs also.

  7.  WiFi WPS WPA Tester: WiFi WPS WPA Tester is work only if you have rooted your Android device. If you have don’t root your Android device then it will not work perfectly. By using this you can hack any WiFi modem. Firstly the app will check for the security and then ensure that what method is easy to hack the WiFi. Give it a try.

  8.  Fing Network Tool: Fing is a simple app available on playstore, in this app you will get many feature like device informations connected in network. This app will show you all the related information to the device like device type, brand or other information.
  9.  Mac Spoofing: Mac spoofing is least and difficult method. But if you follow the steps then you will definitely successful in the hacking tutorial. Read the below given Article to hack WhatsApp through Mac Spoofing.
These are the most used and the beginner apps for the Android phone. Are you looking for other apps also, then check out our other articles, we have a very large number of articles o our site about hacking. These Android hack tools are very good in 2017 – 2018. 
If you have any question about the Top Android Hack Tools then ask below in the comment box below.


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