Whatsapp Money Making Technique 2018


How Whats Makes Money?

Whatsapp is the largest communication media of today’s world. It has over 315 billion users registered on it with 100 users registering on it every day. The most important thing about this app is that it is totally free of cost. They charge nothing to run their services. Even the Whatsapp is using running no ads on it. So, how does whatsapp make money? This is a very big question of today’s internet world. So, in this article we all be talking about how does whatsapp make money? There are mainly small things that we probably don’t understand how Whatsapp makes money.

whatsapp money making

Whatsapp was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for around $19 billion while its annual income was about $10 billion. So, why he bid so high for almost non-profitable app? Something must be there. 

So, let’s find out. We share almost everything on Whatsapp like photos, pictures, files and many more things. This all data is stored in Whatsapp database and from there Whatsapp engineers check all our data and predict the behaviour of our likes, dislikes and our interests. After this they put ads on our Facebook profile according to our interest and gain money from that.  This is how Whatsapp makes money.

Second way of earning is by no earning.  Whatsapp is acquiring billions of users on it. They are providing free services to almost everyone. By this they are increasing users for their future. What this will help is that if they even charge very less money for Whatsapp then also they will earn in billions because of high users present on Whatsapp. So this is a very smart way of earning money in future. There are many indirect ways with Mr Zuckerberg to generate income through Whatsapp.  SO, let’s move forward with our third way of earning money through Whatsapp.

Last but not the least third way is by use of broadcast message. Let us take an example, if any country wants to give some important message to the people then they’ll surely approach Whatsapp CEO to do a broadcast message through Whatsapp. SO, he will surely charge some money for that.

 This is also a great way of earning from Whatsapp. SO, these are some great ideas through which Whatsapp generates money from its users in indirect way. If it continues like this in the future also, then the Whatsapp CEO will surely play in billions in the coming future. Stay tuned for more articles like this.


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