[*Latest*] 4 Android Hacking Apps without Root that Shocked ME!


I was just doing a search on something when I found these cool apps guys. The most Important and awesome thing is “They are freely available for an Android phone without root”. So, let’s talk about these cool 4 Android Hacking Apps of 2017 – 2018.

These are the apps which you can use for yourself to prank your friends ultimately within 5 minutes. Only you have to do is follow this article below. There are so many other hacking tools for Android is available on Market but you have to compromise with their price. The article I am writing today will change your Hacking Life for sure!

NOTE: Please First read this, We are not supporting any type of black hat techniques here. The Article is written only for the Educational Purposes. Any misuse of the Hacking tools put you in the risk. So, Admin of our website is not responsible for the things you will be going to done.

Android hacking Apps 2017

Here is the list of These Cool and Simple Hacking Apps:

4 Android Hacking Tools without Root 2017 – 2018

  • Fake ID Card Maker.
  • Temp Mail.
  • I Hack You Guide.
  • Talk-U.
1. Fake ID Maker

As simple as Name, After reading this Title whats in your mind. Yes! that’s what I am talking about. You can generate the Fake ID address using the Fake ID Maker. Basically, the app is created for only pranking your friends, but the thing is Peoples uses these apps to create a real type Identity cards.
Many Peoples uses these ID proofs offline for showing their proofs. You can found different types of the Fake ID maker on this app, such as Adhar Card, Driving Licence and Voter ID Card
No one can easily recognize that these generated ID’s are real or Fake. The App is freely available on the internet, Download Now.
Samples of Fake ID Maker:

Android hacking appsandroid hacking appsandroid hacking apps 2017
2. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is best for those are sending anonymous emails for hacking or doing something that may not be caught by the receiver or email services. The temp email app provides the disposable email address for some time to its users.
On the other side, you can also use it to keep your real mailbox clean and safe from the hacking attacks and spams.
But Some times Black Hat hackers use these type of services for Hacking someone’s Facebook or Othe social accounts which are Illegal.

3. I Hack You Guide APK

Firstly read the special Note given by the author of this box. Read down the Note given by Author of this app below.

Tricks in this app are not provided to you for harm someone badly, these are simple tricks create only for make your life easy.

There are lots of Hacking tutorial in this Application which will make you jump you from the chair. the tricks provided by the developer is awesome man. The app is working fine for the all operating system like Android, Apple and Windows app. What will you find in this I hack You guide is given below:

  • How to Hide Yourself on Network.
  • How to self-take care of Hacking.
  • Prevent your database from hacking.
  • Some special tricks/ Google Tricks.
4. Talk – U

Basically, this is not a hacking but It helps you to make free international calls to US numbers. You can also get a premium type USA Number without living in the USA. You will get some cheapest rates for calling outside the Country.
If your Tablet did not have a Sim slot in it you can install this app and Make a call from your Tablet Android phone.
What features you will get after installing the App:
  • Unlimited Calls & Messages between Talk-U users.
  • No Roaming Costs.
  • Superlow International Calls.
  • Get free U.S. Number.
These are the latest 4 Android Hacking Apps or Tools which will be going to help you learn some new Hacking techniques.
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