Whatsapp QR Code Hack Method of 2020


Whatsapp QR Code Hacking Method 2020

Is it possible to hack Whatsapp with QR code only, the answer is Big Yes. you can hack someone’s WhatsApp using QR code in Just 2 minutes. The Method is simple and you can follow our instructions given below. We will show you how you hack WhatsApp using QR code.
There are more than 3 techniques to hack WhatsApp QR code. But I will tell you the simplest and the 100% working method to hack WhatsApp without spending more than 2 minutes on victim’s device.

Below Is the process by which you can Hack Whatsapp using QR code:

Whatsapp QR Code Hack Method 100% Working

Below is the instructions to Hack using QR code:-

Everyone knows how popular WhatsApp is. WhatsApp is being used by lots of people’s lives in different countries. Have you gonna hear someone about hack WhatsApp through clone method. I think know haven’t heard it. This is a latest a very cool way to hack Whatsapp in 2020. 

There are lots of hacking tricks for WhatsApp, I have already told you some of the Whatsapp hacking tricks already guys. But the thing I am going to telling you is very easy and don’t need special skills to perform guys. In this hacking method, we use a Clone WhatsApp QR hacking method.

What is WhatsApp Cloning?

Many of you don’t know about the WhatsApp clone method. A Clone is a way in which we scan the WhatsApp chats and connect the Original device to a clone device, Whatsapp clone features are recently used in Whatsapp social media app. The web.whatsapp.com is a site URL to use a Whatsapp clone method to use Whatsapp in PC.

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whatsapp hack clone method 2017

Hack Whatsapp Using Clone Method

To hack WhatsApp using clone method you don’t need any special skills. Just follow the steps below, and you will definitely get success.
  • Android Phone
  • The Internet or Local Area Connection
Follow the steps:
Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download the App from here. The App is WhatsApp scan and works well on all the devices.
Step 2: Install this app on your smartphone. After installing you must need a victim’s smartphone for 1 minute. It’s upon you how you can take the phone of your victim’s.

Step 3: After taking smartphone of your victim’s, Open Whatsapp Scan app on your phone.

Whatsapp QR Code Hack

Step 4: You will get a QR code in the Whatsapp scan app. Now take a victim’s phone and go to option> Whatsapp Web.

Whatsapp QR Code Hacking

Step 5: Scan the QR code with victims phone. That’s all guys, you don’t need to do anything know. You will get the control over a victim’s Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Hacking Using QR Code

You will read the all incoming and outgoing messages sending by the victim. So, the WhatsApp can be hack using QR code guy’s is so simple you can perform it within a short time.

Note: Please do not hack anyone’s WhatsApp without the permission of that person. We only discuss here an Ethical hacking tricks for educational purpose. Any illegal action doing by you may put you in the risk. And we are not responsible for that criminal action.

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  1. When I installed whatscan for whatsapp app It is showing like use whatsapp in google chrome or opera or Mozilla Firefox.. what will I have to do.. plz rply. I have to spy my boyfriend’s whtsapp.. plzz helpk

  2. I used the app to scan my boyfriend whatsapp but he keeps getting notification that whatweb is active on his phone, so he knows someone is spying on him. Is there no way I can stop the notification?

  3. Can it possible to hack whatsapp with out scanning qr code. Is their any other method to hack whatsapp with victims qr code.


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