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Hey, guys, welcome to my new article, how are you doing? Today we will talk about Real Whatsapp Tricks of 2018. WhatsApp is a most popular social app in nowadays. There are lots of reason for that hackers hacks the WhatsApp account. One of the big reason is knowing about your life partner. Below I have discussed a most unusual WhatsApp tricks for you.

Whatsapp tricks 2017
Whatsapp Tricks 2017

List of Amazing Whatsapp Tricks 2018

here we go WhatsApp latest tricks:

Send WhatsApp Videos up to 500MB

Yes, it is possible to post a video above 500mb using a mod version of WhatsApp. You can found the latest version of Moded WhatsApp here.
  • Download Mod Version from here.
  • Go to Media Sharing.
  • Change the video limit to 700MB.
  • Tick on the 700MB option.


whatsapp tricks 2017


Isn’t it is a great Whatsapp trick to share large files like movies and music?

Use WhatsApp Without Number

Yes, you read it right there is a thing which allows you to use WhatsApp without any number. The second Best WhatsApp Trick of 2018.
  • Firstly, you have to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp.
  • Now again install the official Whatsapp from play store.
  • After that, enable your device flight mode.
  • Install the Spoof Texting app from Play store; we need this app in a next step.
  • Try to verify your WhatsApp using the internet, but it is unable to verify using the Internet, and a popup of alternate method will be open.
  • Choose the SMS method to check & enter your email address.
  • Click on the send button and instantly click on stop process button.
  • Now open a Spoof Text App from app menu bar & enter the detail given below.To: +447900347295
    from: +(country code) (mobile number)
    Message: Your Email Address
  • You are now able to receive a message on the spoofed number and use this number to connect with your friend’s guys.

Hack WhatsApp using Clone Method

This is a hacking trick for WhatsApp, in a 2 or 3 minute you will be able to hack the Whatsapp. For a beginner, this method is very easy and straightforward.

How to hack WhatsApp using Clone Method:-There are lots of hacking tricks for WhatsApp, I have already told you some of the Whatsapp hacking tricks already guys. But the thing I am going to telling you is very easy and don’t need special skills to perform guys. In this hacking method, we use a Clone WhatsApp hacking method. Read full tutorial Here.


Lock Your Personal Chats on WhatsApp

Sometimes it is imperative to secure our private conversations. If you are one of them who are searching for Whatsapp lock chat tricks, then you are at right place. Here are I am going to tell you about 2 WhatsApp Tricks which are used to lock Whatsapp.

whatsapp tricks 2017



  1. The first method of securing WhatsApp chat contains third party app. You can use third party apps like WhatsApp chat locker. Download third party apps from here.
  2. The second method requires Mod version of WhatsApp. Download the mod version of Whatsapp which already have a built-in feature of locking the chats. This is straightforward and easy tricks for Whatsapp users.

Hack Using Spyware Programs

Using spyware, you can almost hack all the Android services like location, Messages and Call history. But still, there is a chance to get detected by an Antivirus like clean master or AVG pro. To perform WhatsApp hacking using Android spyware your Android must have root access.

Hack WhatsApp using Spyware :- Have you every heard about the spy apps or not? If not then today I will tell you about the Spy apps. Spy Apps are those malware apps which sends your device information to the specific server. And you even don’t know that some of the malware apps send your data to the Hackers. There are so many companies which provide WhatsApp spy apps. Read Full Tutorial Here….


Change Your WhatsApp Theme

Sometimes you will be got bored by using the same WhatsApp theme. What if your WhatsApp is changed within few minute. Yes, you heard it right, you can change the Whatsapp theme. The Whatsapp tricks for this is here.

Whatsapp tricks 2017


  1. Download the version of Whatsapp here.
  2. Go to Mod Setting.
  3. Click on download theme.
  4. Choose a theme and click on download.
  5. Now restart WhatsApp, That’s it, guys.

Use Double Accounts on Android Device

You can use two different accounts on the Android phone without any difficulty. Only you have downloaded the App from play store which is used for using Multiple accounts on Android. Check out the below-given post.

Use Double WhatsApp Account on Android:- How To Add Multiple social Media Accounts In Android Of Your Favourite Apps Like Whatsapp, Messengers & Instagram. After a long time, I am going to write my another useful article for you, my friends. Today, I am going to share an article about Multiple social Media Accounts in Android Read Full Tutorial Here…….

Create Fake Whatsapp Conversations

You can do an amazing prank with a Whatsapp by creating fake WhatsApp conversations. By using this trick, your friend will be going to amaze cause you can create a fake WhatsApp chat of celebrities. So, here is a WhatsApp tips.
Download the WhatsApp Said app from here, and this application will allow you to create fake profiles like name, profile picture, and chats. Share this Whatsapp tricks with your friend’s guys and follow us.
Other Whatsapp Tricks:
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