Whatsapp Phishing Page Hacking Trick in 2018 {*HOT*}


Whatsapp is familiar to everyone in these days, Have you ever thought that you want to hack someones Whatsapp using Phishing page. Everyone want to know, what his/her loved one doing online with Whatsapp. For those who want to know How to hacked Whatsapp using phishing, I am going to write an article.

Like every social platform, Whatsapp also has some weak points by which the hacker can hack into victim’s account. So, today I am here with a technique which is very new and working for me. If you want to learn this Whatsapp Phishing Page hacking trick then follow the instructions I have given below.

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What is Phishing Hacking Technique?

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you have already know what Phishing is. But if you are a new visitor landing here through google search then let me tell you. Phishing is a technique in which hackers create a fake page and force the victim’s to log in through their credentials. Thus, the detail of the victim is now saved into hackers files.

whatsapp phishing page tricks 2017

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Is it Detectable Technique or Not?

When you are trying to hack Whatsapp using phishing, Sometimes an antivirus or security app may block the Phishing page. Which is the biggest drawback of the Phishing hacking tricks? But still, It will help you to hack the Whatsapp cause every device has its weak point. So, in some cases, it is detectable and in some cases undetectable.

Here’s How WhatsApp Phishing Page Hacking Trick Works?

If you want to hack Whatsapp then follow the steps:
  1. Firstly go to Web.Whatsapp.com and copy the QR code from the screen.
  2. Now, post this QR code in any site or create a landing WEB Page with a special offer like given below.                   whatsapp phishing page tricks 2017
  3. Once the visitor scans the QR code, Hacker will get access on Victim’s WhatsApp.
  4. Now you will be able to read or send the victim’s WhatsApp messages.
But there is a chance to lose the control of victim’s WhatsApp, cause if the victim’s log out the web session, you will be automatically logged out. So, there is a chance of losing the control over victim’s WhatsApp.
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