Hacking Websites Tricks in 2018 [ *Latest*]


How hacker hacks websites? Did you know? This is a bit confusing but not that much. You need some extra skills to prove yourself, and you will be done. Website hacking is the largest cybercrime doing by the hackers. A site contains information about the organization or personal detail of any high profile person. So, the hacking site is the largest crime I have thought. Today’s topic is all about the Hacking Website Tricks of 2018 guys. 

Hacking a Website in nowadays is not a big deal, cause there are lots of technique which are used by hackers to hack website.Today I will be going to list all these hacking techniques here on techie guide blog. If you want a real hacker then you must know about these basic things guys.

So, let’s begin how you can hack websites in 2018

websites hacking tricks 2017


Hacking Websites Tricks 2018

Guy’s the following tricks are tested by me personally try them:

Note: The following tricks are only for an educational purpose. Do not try to exploit into the govt. sites. The illegal action taken by you may put you in the jail. And we are not responsible for this illegal action.

 Carding Dorks: Carding Dorks are used by the professional hackers. Carding Dorks is looked like a SQL query, that’s why it is also called the SQL injection hacking attack. Carding Dorks are also known as Google Dorks. People used this technique to fools people. The ethical hackers need to know the security of the websites to make it more secure. So, the Google Dorks helped them to test the security of their websites.

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Brute Forcing: Sometimes we are not able to hack the website by using the above-given techniques, then we use this technique to hack the website password. Because no one can stop us to hacking these websites guys. Every site has an open port like FTP, telnet and we will try to brute force them, guys. Hydra is an awesome tool used to hack websites.

Physical Access: Sometimes you will miss to log out from your website and this will cause a really harmful for your website. Anyone having a physical access to your website can hack your personal details. So, don’t ever save your password details in browsers.

Robots.txt File: This is not a hacking method but hackers can get a various URL and files location from your robots.txt file. Sometimes the Robots.txt files contain a very sensitive path which may lead to hack websites.

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Other techniques to Hack Websites 2018

  • Viewing Source Code
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Heap Overflow
  • Integer Overflow
There are also many techniques used by a hacker to hack blogs or websites. If you like this article about “Hacking websites tricks 2018” then comment and share to the social media.


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