20+ Facebook Like Hack Sites & Unlimited Likes on Status

Facebook is an excellent social network platform that everyone knows in nowadays. When I was in my high school, I always searched about the unlimited like hack trick of Facebook. That time was so tough to find such a way to get Facebook unlimited like. But, today on this article, I have written about Facebook like hacks, so that you will be aware of new hack trick of FB.

Firstly I am gonna share list of the top 20+ sites for unlimited likes. People will quickly find this list cause of so many link sharing, but here on my site, I have trusted list of FB like sites.

facebook like hacks 2017
FB like hacks

List of Facebook like hack sites 2017

The list of Facebook like hacking sites is too long but only trusted sites are listed here on my blog, try them one by one for getting lots of like on your FB status or photos. 
  1. Autoliker4FB
  2. DJliker
  3. Cyber Likes
  4. King Liker
  5. Auto Likes Groups
  6. WefBy
  7. LikerTy
  8. 4Liker
  9. MG Likers
  10. Machine Liker
  11. Hublaa
  12. One Liker
  13. HD Liker
  14. Dev Liker
  15. Auto Like Biz
  16. My FB Liker
  17. Auto Liker Us
  18. FB Auto Liker App
  19. AB Liker
  20. FB-Auto Liker
So, this is a  total list of Sites which allowed you to hack facebook likes using different methods. So, the above-given sites are best of my knowledge. If you want more likes and more site to cut likes, then ask in the comment box below.

Things to do Before proceed to Hack FB Likes

If you want to try to get likes online with auto liker then, make sure to do below given checkpoints.
  • Your age must be 18+.
  • Privacy setting must be public to do FB like a hack.
Here how you can change the FB Public configuration. Follow the instructions given below.
Go to Facebook>Settings>Privacy and change everything to Public, so that anyone can like and comment on your post. See below picture for reference:
After, making this setting, you may proceed to next step. But before moving to our top level, please read the instruction, I have provided below.

Is it affect your Facebook profile?

Yes, it totally affects your FB profile cause you have allowed third party sites to make changes on your account which is not a good thing. Therefore, without noticing you, third party sites automatically granted to like other people’s photos. Which is not good for you.
Many people use these sites to like an adult or banned content. And you will not be notified about your profile what they like and comment on your profile guys.
So, it’s always a tough decision, whether we should use these FB like hacks or not. 
After all thing, you are ready to perform tasks. Open any of the above sites, And follow the instructions on the screen. 
Make sure to change your privacy setting to normal after using these unlimited hack sites, it’s good to protect yourself from hackers attack.
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