*Cool* Tinder Android Hacks & Tricks of 2018


Tinder is most popular dating app in nowadays available for all the platform like Android, Ios, and Windows. Today, I am going to tell you about the some of the cool Tinder hacks & tricks of 2018 for Android. Tinder is not gonna be hiding from anyone, so there are lots of people who used this social app.

Here I am going to write about the some of the coolest Tinder hacks for Android, which can help you to increase your fan following and matches day by day. The tips & tricks I am going to provide today are free and easy to use. So, just follow the instructions, and you will definitely get more matches day by day.

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Top Tinder Android Hacks & Tricks of 2018

Tinder has been set up a new base on the internet. It helps you to find your life partner or partner to start a new relationship. Here are the Tinder hacks and tricks for Android:
Get Unlimited Tinder Likes
One of the coolest Tinder hacks is to get free unlimited likes using modded APK or by online token access. Original Tinder has limited the number of likes and super likes. In the limited version, you feel like half of the flirting features available for you. So, for you, we bring some special hacks which will let you like unlimited profiles without paying a penny to developers.
For a user like me, It is the most powerful feature and modded version of Tinder. Now I will be able to like many profiles as I want. Enjoy the below provided APK.

Download MODDED APK 


Use Fake Location
Sometimes we are bored by seeing repeated profiles which are all around us. Then we have no option to uninstall the app. But don’t worry for the who are getting bored, You can change the location of Tinder app. How to change your Tinder location in real time. Follow the instructions I have given you below. You can spoof your location without paying any money to Tinder.
Follow the steps to Spoof your Tinder Location:
  • Download and Install the Fake GPS location from Android play store. There are many apps which provide you GPS spoofing.
  • Once the App installed, open it manually from the menu bar.
  • After opening the App, Map will be open. Choose the location of your choice. Click on set location and set where you want to get your Partner.
  • Once you have set a place, open your Tinder app and, you will be able to see the profile from this location.
These are the two Tinder Android Hacks which I found very useful for me, If you really think these are cool then do share and subscribe our site.


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