Top 10 Tech Hacks Of 2018 That I Found Really Cool


Top 10 Tech Hacks of 2017 

Welcome Guys, If you are land this page by searching “top 10 tech hacks of 2017” then you are at the right place. Here I am going to present a most favorite trick of 2017. These skills gonna blow your mind. Can you imagine the life where you access your GF/BF android cell phone from the computer? How cool will be that. So, that’s my today’s topic. How you can you do these things by reading this tech stuff.


So, guys without wasting time lets start the article the top 10 hacks of the year. The tricks are listed by doing research by me guys.

List of Top 10 Tech Hacks of 2017 | that I found really cool

  1. Andramax: Andramax is a most important tech hacking trick of 2017. You can search about Andramax on the google search if you want to know more about Andramax. This tech hacks work on Computer without doing any hard work. You can easily hack the computer using this. Andramax is a software that accesses all the information of the victim’s computer. By setting up the FTP service, you can get all the information to your email address.

    How To Be Safe
    ⇒Alway’s scanned the Softwares
    ⇒Do not install untrusted software

  2. SPY Software: There are so many sites which provide the Spying software for your devices. You can hack anything using various Spy software. This is the easiest way to hack the Android or any other tech device. Some of the spying software are more powerful, they are using root access to do many more things. They can control all the functions of cell phones also guys.

    How To Be Safe
    ⇒Do Not Install APK’s from Unknown source.
    ⇒Install pro antivirus into Android Device

  3. Phishing Hacking: Phishing is the best way and tech hacks of 2017, cause it is most effective way to hack any online account. Professional hackers use this technique to hack bank accounts and Facebook. In phishing, the hackers create a fake login page and send the link to the victims. After that when the victim’s login into that page. His/Her password detail will be saved as a text file.

    Phishing Step By Step Tutorial

    How To Be Safe
    ⇒Always check the Http/Https connections. Secure connections always contain Https connections
    ⇒Do not put your login details on any site.

  4. Keylogging: Keylogging is another best tech hacks of 2017. Keylogging is a method in which the hackers send a small utility to a victim’s, and they quickly access the information of victim’s. Keylogging is the oldest technique in the hacker world.

    How To Be Safe
    ⇒Alway’s scanned the Softwares
    ⇒Do not install untrusted software.

  5. WPS Connect: WPS Connect is a method of WiFi hacking. This software works on a click on a button. WPS Connect software is also available on a play store. This app worked only when the user had enabled the WPS in the modem.

    How To Be Safe
    ⇒Always disable wifi after use
    ⇒Disable WPS Connect from the modem.

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