Play Playstation Games On Computer without Lack of Speed | Requested Tricks 2016

Everyone wants to play high graphic games on the computer, but because of limitation we can’t play high-quality games on PC. So, today I have found a trick to play the Playstation games on the computer without any lacking speed. Let’s start the tutorial.

Let me tell you one thing the 50% games are played on the Playstation 2. So, that’s why it is more popular than a PC or android device. The best thing about this trick, you can play games on PlayStation 2 on a computer without any speed problem.

Play Playstation Games On Computer

There are many things you need to download from the internet to set up an emulator of Playstation 2. Proceed below to install PlayStation 2 on the computer.

  1. PCX2 Latest Version ( Download )
  2. DirectX Latest Version ( Download )
  3. ISO Format of Game Files
Now, after downloading this software and required files follow the instructions below. 

Steps To Install Playstation on PC

  1. Double click on PCX2 setup file and follow the instructions to install the emulator.
  2. Now open emulator from the desktop. Select the default system language.

  3. Now click on next and use the default setting.


  4. In next step choose the bios folder and click on refresh. Choose the console and click on finish.

Now you have successfully installed the emulator on your computer. Note that you need to update the DirectX and your video driver first.

How To Play Playstation Games On Computer Using ISO Format

To play PlayStation games on the emulator you must need a Game with ISO format. Because the PCX2 only supports ISO files format.
  • Download only ISO files from the internet.
  • Now select the ISO files by going to CDVD > ISO SELECTOR
  • Now execute by going to System > Run Boot CDVD(Fast)

That’s all, now all set. You can play games without any lack of speed. If you need any help about PCX2 emulator you can contact us by commenting below. 


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