Earn Money Online on Autopilot From Blog | Case Study 2017

When I had started my blog. then I have no idea that blogging will be going to help me financially or socially. I have learned many things from blogging. The best part is earning money online from blogging. I have to earn pretty many good dollars through my blogs. At this time I have 3-4 blogging in a running state. Today I will tell you how my blog work on autopilot to earn money online.

When I had started my blog, I actually write about an SEO and WordPress techniques. Later I add the various categories on my blog just for fun and increase my skills. I just regularly update my blog but, from march 2016 I just stopped my online work and don’t post any content. Because that time I was just busy with my exams. So, that’s the time I was thinking about how I can make money online from a blog on autopilot.

In many organization, it is not easy to work without employee and owner. There are no holidays in a limited company, and we even can’t take 1 day holiday. But in blogging, if you can’t work for some time, you will not harm your salary. Cause blog earns on autopilot also.

earn money on autopilot from blog

This Blog is 2 years old. And there are so many members in our community. 

In this article, I will share about how my blog earns money on autopilot for 2-3 months. And also tell you about the traffic detail.

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What Happen When I am Inactive For 2 Months

I just stopped working on my blog from march 2016 to June 2016. After stopping my work I just got a decent traffic because of some good quality posts. You must know that 70% of the content is evergreen on TechieGyd.
The Traffic on April is below:
  • Week 1 – 85000
  • Week 2 – 79000
  • Week 3 – 72000
  • Week 4 – 60000
Note that the traffic is going down and down with the time. But it is not going so much down that I have expected
In June first week I have posted a New post and my traffic is going up like before. The reasons for losing traffic are social media and loss of returning readers.
If your blog content is evergreen then you don’t get so much effect on traffic. But the 10 to 20%$ traffic will be definitely loose. 

How Much Income I lose That Month

This is the interesting thing to know how much I lose that month. Like traffic, the income is also decreased to 20 to 30%.
Tech4hacks main income source is Adsense and affiliate marketing. So, that the income losing more fastly. After doing case studies I found that the evergreen content works perfectly for us to earn on autopilot. 
The effect on the blog is not so much that I have expected. So, we can say that blog can earn money on autopilot with the help of evergreen content
If you want to do blogging as a career then you get some benefits also. My main point in this article is that ” Blogger can earn money on autopilot“.
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