Wix vs WordPress SEO – Who is Best for Your Business?

Wix and WordPress are the two different CMS platforms, But there is much difference between them in term of Designing, flexibility or in SEO. Today, I had made a difference between the Wix and WordPress SEO. So, let’s start our topic on Wix vs WordPress.

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One thing I have ever found difficult is choosing the best and easiest website designing platform. The three main platforms are Blogger, WordPress, and Wix. When I am new in this field, I just thought that designing needs lots of coding in HTM/PHP etc. But after making lots of website in PHP and HTML, I know the importance of CMS platforms. They are just good and simple for making new blogs. My first blog was on Wix, cause it provides lots of applications to integrate into blog or website. Wix is responsive for every platform like android and windows. So let’s discuss our article about Wix vs WordPress SEO.


How both the platforms are different from one another. We will discuss here.

Wix SEO Optimization 

Just like other Platforms Wix is also a good SEO optimized platform. You can optimize your page title and post titles too. Google only optimize good quality titles article. Below I have given some Wix Optimization method you must do on your Wix blog.
  • Optmize Page Title.
  • Create Your Own Logo with ALT text.
  • Use good quality keywords.
  • Socialize your blog.
  • Use SEO application of Wix.
But there are lots of factors in which the WordPress is better than Wix SEO. In Wix, you can’t setup a custom domain which is very bad for search engine optimization. So, the main point is if you don’t have a high-quality domain your SEO is not good.

WordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress is best CMS software which is most popular in nowadays. You may know about the WordPress SEO, but if you don’t know then I will tell you in a short article. WordPress is the best SEO optimizer too. There are lots of WordPress plugin which will let you don all thing you want to do. The best part of WordPress is that you don’t need extra skills. How you can optimize your blog, read below:
  • Use Yoast WordPress Plugin.
  • Must Have Good Article Formation.
  • Good Meta Tag Optimization.
There are lots of feature in a WordPress blog which will help you to increase your blog ranking. The Wix platform has many disadvantages in term of SEO. Because Wix shows so many ads on the blog, so that is not good for your BLOG SEO.

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The conclusion is that WordPress SEO is more efficient then Wix SEO. If you want to create a professional blog then I will suggest you use WordPress platform cause of its features. It ok that Wix allowed a more easiest way to create a website but the WordPress have more features including plugins. So, I will suggest you use WordPress platform.

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