How To Make Money From WhatsApp | Money Making Tricks 2016

WhatsApp is a fastest social media app, Which will be able to earn money online by different – different method. WhatsApp makes it easier to earning a lot from WhatsApp. So, let’s start a money making from Whatsapp. 

Guys nowadays the making money online is a passion for everyone. But sometimes the newbie bloggers or techie guys are stuck into this trick cause lots of online scams. But today, I have a real online money making a method with the help of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps, That’s why it give us the way to earning money online guys. You don’t need anything to earn money online through WhatsApp. Some of the little bit requirement are below I have listed:

  • WhatsApp.
  • Bank Account.
  • Paypal Account.
  • Basic Knowledge of internet. 🙂

Making money online is possible but if you follow the steps regularly. If you think that making money online is a one night work then you are wrong my friend. You must work hard and regularly to make money with WhatsApp.

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Methods To Make Money With WhatsApp

There are many ways to make money with WhatsApp, but I have listed some of the proven ways to make money. These methods are tested by me personally. So, let’s begin.

#1 Link Shortening Method

Link shortening is the best and easiest way to earn money online through WhatsApp. Link shortening is a way to short a big link into the small link. There are so many link shortening sites, Which I have listed below. You will get the specific amount on the specific click. It will depend on upon the websites you are using. The maximum you will get 10 to 15 dollars for 1000 clicks on the link. Forget your money you must have Paypal account. List of link Shortening sites are below:

  1. Shorte.St
  3. LinkShrink
  4. Linkbucks
Above given link shortener are the some of the best program available for all. How do you earn through link shortening? You have to choose a link according to your choice. I will suggest you to share a viral posts link to the WhatsApp group or in a broadcast list. So, when the user clicking on it, you will earn some amount of money

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 #2 Affiliate Marketing

This is another method for earning money online through the WhatsApp. If you want to earn Huge money with Whatsapp then use this method guys. Affiliate marketing is the process in which you will going to sell the product of other companies. So, that some amount of commission are transferred to your account. There is so many companies who give 10 – 15% commission on the product sales depends on upon the market value of the product. Some of the affiliate program I have listed below:
Firstly you have to select the best product according to the market value. The product should be very popular or have any offer so that the user buy it. You will get your payment through the Paypal or Directly bank transfer.

#3 Referral Program

The referral program is a program when you send a link to the user with a referral code. After user clicking on it, he/she must do a specific task like sign up or download an App. There are lots of apps in the play store which provide the referral program to its member. Some of the referral programs are listed below guys:
Some of the Apps allow you to earn 100Rs per referral program. If you want to earn from referral program send the link to the WhatsApp group or Broadcast list. 

#4 Promotion Of Content 

If you have a large number of WhatsApp content then you can share the viral content in that group. Some website owner paid to the WhatsApp users to promote their content. Promotion of the content is the best way of getting popular between peoples. 
If you have your own website then you can promote your website content too. But this process requires a lot of contacts to promote the content.

So. guys these are the ways of making money with WhatsApp if you know any other method then let us know in the comment box. Or if you have already experienced this thing then share your views. 
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