How To Unblock Yourself From Friends WhatsApp 2018 (*Latest Tech Tricks*)


It’s very  irritating when someone blocks you on WhatsApp. You think about yourself like a shit in a public. So, for that Today, I have found a solution by which you can unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp. So, let’s get started the tutorial.

There are so many methods to unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp. But today I have listed two best methods which work fine in my case. If they are useful to then lets us know in the comment box. Firstly, how you know that who blocked you on WhatsApp.

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How To Know Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

  • Send WhatsApp message to contact if your message shows double tick that means you are not blocked by the user. If it shows a single tick that means you are blocked.
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After knowing who had blocked you on WhatsApp, You must follow these steps to unblock yourself from friends WhatsApp.

#1 Unblock Yourself From WhatsApp Without Deleting Account

The first method is very simple and you don’t need anything to do this. 
  • Firstly know who blocked you on WhatsApp. After that, we follow the method to unblock yourself from WhatsApp.
  • After that tell you best friend or good friend to create a Whatsapp group, And ask to add you and the blocked user through your friends Whatsapp.
  • Now the group will be created and you and your 2 friends are also in this group. Now when you send a message to a group, it will be forwarded to all user including blocked user.
  • That’s all it is a simple method which doesn’t include deleting of WhatsApp and unblocked from WhatsApp.

#2 Unblock Yourself From Whatsapp By Deleting WhatsApp

The second method is a little bit difficult. But don’t worry I will tell you about this below:
  • Know who blocked ou on WhatsApp by following the steps given in above section.
  • Now take a backup of your WhatsApp chats. And delete WhatsApp account by going into Whatsapp account setting > Delete my account.
  • Enter your number and click on confirm, now you have successfully deleted your WhatsApp account from the server.
  • Now go to app info and delete the Cache and Data memory.
  • That’s all, Now Install the Whatsapp from the play store and verify your account by entering your number.
  • Done! Check out if you are unblocked yourself from WhatsApp account or not.
These are the two WhatsApp tricks which are amazing and awesome if someone blocked you. There are also some tricks and hacks of WhatsApp which is below read them also.

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