(Latest) WhatsApp Hacking Tricks 2018 – Spy on WhatsApp Messages, calls etc.

WhatsApp Hacking Tricks of 2018: Today, I am going to discuss the best method of WhatsApp hacking and tricks. These WhatsApp hacking tricks allow you to get the information of your children, what they are doing in their social life. So These are the WhatsApp hacking of 2018, I wish that could help you any manner.

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Firstly note that hacking WhatsApp Account without the permission of the Android owner Is counted as an illegal method. And I will suggest using this hacking tricks only on the known persons like children’s, Girlfriend or boyfriend. If you think that they are hiding something from you then these of the some best Whatsapp Hacking tricks gonna help you in many manners. So, let’s get into this article.

WhatsApp Hacking Tricks & Hacks 2018

This is a world of technology and you can do whatever you want. You can control everything from your one smart device. It may be a laptop or Android phone. Below is a real tutorial of WhatsApp hacking in 2018 so let’s start.

#1 Using Spy App

Have you every heard about the spy apps or not? If not then today I will tell you about the Spy apps. Spy Apps are those malware apps which sends your device information to the specific server. And you even don’t know that some of the malware apps send your data to the Hackers. There are so many companies which provide WhatsApp spy apps.

These spy apps are used by govt. The organization, schools and much more organization. So, this is the very easiest way to hack WhatsApp accounts in 2018.

NOTE: Make sure that victim is your relative or loved one, one who will give permission otherwise you will be put yourself in a big risk. So, before doing anything think with your mind. It’s illegal to hack other ones WhatsApp account.

Method of Spying on WhatsApp Account 2018

  • Firstly choose the spy program to hack android. I will suggest you use paid spy software because they are more efficient and fast. Here is the one I have found on the internet. Download from here

  • Now Install this app on the Victim’s Android phone. It depends on upon you how you conveyed the victim’s or how you install this app on the Android phone.
  • After installing Apk, Directly click on open button. Otherwise, you don’t get the dashboard. Accept terms and conditions and enter your own email here in both the boxes. Example: “Techiegyd@gmail.com”.
  • Click on Install and wait for completing the process. Now, go to your email account and you will find a new password for your account. I had already signed up so this time, I had just got a notification now.
  • That’s all dear friends. Now Login into your dashboard from here. Sign In for Android Monitor Dashboard. You can change your password later from the setting. After sign in your dashboard is look like below given Image.
  • Now, just wait for sometimes because it takes 30 minutes to extract the victim’s data. You have successfully hack WhatsApp account in 2017 successfully. This is the easiest trick of hacking WhatsApp.
#2 Using Mac Spoofing
Mac Spoofing is a 12 character unique code provided to your phone network by a WiFi device. Mac is a media access control number which is provided to every cell phone. We need that Mac Address code to access the friends WhatsApp.
For hacking your friend account you need to find the MAC address, which I have told you below. Follow the article to hack your victim’s phone using MAC spoofing.
Method To Hack WhatsApp Using MAC Spoofing
  1. Firstly uninstall your WhatsApp from your device. Be careful you must uninstall fully your WhatsApp account to follow the next steps. Don’t worry you can easily get your data back after the hacking is completed.
  2. Now in the second step, you need a phone of victim’s, that you want to hack. You can easily get your friend phone but it’s difficult to acquire the phone of others. So, be careful before taking anyone’s Android in your hand.
  3. Find the Mac Address of the Victims by going into Settings > About > Status.Your Mac Address is looked Like:10:68:66:32:58:GD

    Also, Note down your Android phone Mac address. We later changed it to the victim’s Mac Address.

  4. Now we have to change the Mac address of the victim’s Android using two Android apps. Busybox and terminal are two apps used to change the mac address of Android phones. They are freely available on the play store.Open terminal and type “IP link show” and see the list of interfaces. Now identify your Mac address. Just change your mac address with the victim’s mac address.
  5. Now re-install the WhatsApp messenger into your phone. Put your victim’s mobile number into the verify section. That’s because after putting your victim’s number you will be able to send or receive the message.In this process, the verification code is sent to the victim’s phone. This is the last time you need a victim’s phone to get a confirmation code. It depends on upon you how you got that confirmation code.

    After getting the code, enter it into your phone WhatsApp. Now you have successfully hacked the victim’s Android Whatsapp. But carefully, about verification messages. Delete it after verifying it on your phone WhatsApp.

NOTE: To access your own WhatsApp you need to follow the process again. This time, change your Mac address into the original address.
#3 Keylogger Hacking
Keylogger is one of the greatest ways to hack victim’s WhatsApp account. A keylogger is a tool which record all the keystrokes pressed by the user. It records all the services like you have open something in the browser. Even, it will record the key pressing by you during chatting. How cool is that?
It will only record the keystrokes, but it also shows the programs opened by you in Android operating system.
In his article, I am not telling about the keylogging process, because it needs a different article to show how keylogger works. For that, you must subscribe our blog and in future, I will send you the keylogging method freely.
#4 By DataBase Files
DataBase files are those files which contain all of your chats and conversation. These files are located in your Android file manager. Getting these files is very easy, you don’t need extra skills to get the files. In 2017 hackers are able to decrypt these files and your chat will be visible. But since the WhatsApp had allowed encryption, the hackers are in trouble. Many of you don’t know about these secrets of Whatsapp.
#5 Hack Whatsapp Using Whatsapp Scan App (Android, iPhone)
Ya, you read it right, You can hack the Whatsapp Messenger using only a single Android/iPhone App. I think it’s the easiest method to hack the Whatsapp Messenger according to me. You can simply hack the Whatsapp account using this app in less than a Minute. Only you have to do is install the Whatscan App on your Android phone.
Follow the steps to Hack the Whatsapp Using Whatscan Application:
  1. Firstly, you have to Download and Install the Whatsccan Application on your Android Phone.
  2. Note that you have to install the Whatscan on your own Android phone.
  3. After that grab the Victim’s Android phone.
  4. A QR code will appear on your Android phone, Scan it with Victim’s Android phone.
  5. You can scan code by going into the Whatsapp Web> Scan QR Code Hack.
  6. Now, you can access the Whatsapp Messages of Victims from your Mobile phone.
  7. That’s it.


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So, that’s why I am always saying don’t give your android phone to anyone. You even don’t know hacker will hack your Whatsapp account within 2 minutes so, be careful.
So, these are some method of “Hacking WhatsApp in 2018”. If you found this article good then share or like it. If you want to be a successful white hat hacker then subscribe our blog. We always care about our readers.

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