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Today, I am gonna tell you some of the facebook hacking tricks used by hackers to hack your account. I am going to discuss all the method below. So, that you can protect yourself from the hacking attacks. Lets, discuss facebook hacking tricks 2019 below.

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The hacking is the way to get into your personal life, do you think that you want to get someone into your personal life without your permission. I think you don’t, that’s why I have listed some tricks that are used to hack your facebook Account. These facebook hacking tricks 2019 are the way to access your facebook account. In this article, I am going to tell methods below.


Facebook Hacking Tricks 2019

The hacking knowledge I have gained from my search, today I will be going to reveal it with you guys. These facebook hacking tips & tricks will be going to use in 2018. The below listed hacking tricks are real and best of my knowledge.

List of FB Account Hacking Tricks 2019

All the hacking tricks are listed below :
#1 Facebook Phishing Method

Phishing is a very well known hacking trick for hack facebook. Anyone can perform this trick with a small knowledge of the internet. Very easy to perform and in a short time. Facebook phishing account hacking trick is very popular and has an ability to fool the Victims. In phishing, hackers create a fake login page and send the Link to the victims. After sending the link to the victim the login page will be displayed on the screen. After that, the victims enter his/her email and password detail in the text box. When he clicks on the login button, he/she will be redirected to original facebook. But he doesn’t,t know that his/her account detail will be saved as a text file. Which can be accessed by hackers?

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How to Safe Yourself From Phishing Hacking Trick
  • Never click on scam links.
  • Don’t ever put you personal detail on the fake pages.
  • Always check the FB original URL with “HTTPS:// ” encryption.
#2 Cell Phone Hacking
When cell phone hacking means you can take control of the services of the Android or another operating system. You can get all the information of victims accounts and other information. If you have to get control on Android cell phone you can hack anything from their smartphone. This is the second best facebook hacking trick of 2018.
Nowadays it is very easy to hack android or another cell phone. Check out some of the Android hacking apps below.

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How to Avoid Cell Phone Hacking

  • Don’t download apps from untrusted sites.
  • Don’t give you cell phone to the unknown person.
  • Install good security app.
#3 Using KeyLogger Method
Keylogging is a method of recording a keystroke of your keyboard. Keylogger is a small program which can be bind with any software and you even don’t know that it is installed with the other program. This program starts its work when it is get installed into the system. Every single strokes and screenshot will be sent to the hacker without the victim knowing.
How To Avoid Keylogging Hacking
  • Install high-security antivirus.
  • Don’t install the untrusted program.
#4 Using Stealer Hacking
How many of you have saved your password on chrome or other browsers? I think many of you had already done this. Guys, be careful don’t ever save your password on the browsers. Because there are so many malware on the internet who are trying to access your saved password. Stealer is the best way to trace out the saved password. This is the oldest method of facebook hacking trick.
How to Avoid Stealer hacking
  • Don’t ever saved the password on browsers.
  • Don’t ever install untrusted extensions or add-ons
#5 Session Hijacking Method
Session hijacking is normally done in a public or non-secure WiFi connections. In this method, the hacker steals the cookies of victims browsers, which are used to authenticate the user on the website. Session hijacking is done in a not – secure connection HTTP. Don’t ever use the facebook on HTTP non-secure server.
To avoid session hijacking method, don’t use open networks for using facebook.
#6 DNS SpooFing
DNS spoofing is a method of hacking facebook through your WiFi. If you and your victim in the same network then this trick will be used for facebook hacking. In DNS spoofing the hacker shows his fake page to a victim so that he/she can take control over facebook account.
So, guys don’t every try to connect an open WiFi. And use a secure server.
#7 By Email Haking
If you have access to user email id, then you can easily hack the user facebook account. Because facebook is linking up with email ID so that you can get forget the current password and get into a Facebook. For hacking Email ID, you can use a phishing or other method.
Protect Yourself
  • Enable 2 steps authentication
  • Hide your email ID.
#8 Facebook Hacking Using Faceniff
This like DNS spoofing, when you and your victim is on the same network. Faceniff is an android app used for hacking facebook account in 2019. The hacking of facebook is only done when you and your target is on the same network. This is the easiest app to hack facebook through Wifi.
This app creates a secure server of a facebook and that’s why it will be easy to hack facebook under unsecured server.
#9 Botnets Hacking
Botnets are no easy to setup. It is a process in which we require a large number of computers. Basically, the professional hacker used this technique to hack FB account. The process is same as keylogger but the botnets provide some extra options and tricks.
Avoid The Botnets Attack
  • Never turn off the firewall of the computer.
  • Install trusted software.

#10 Flash Hacking
 If the hacker has a physical access to your computer he/she will extract all password saved into the Browsers and google chrome. So, that make sure to use a high security or Good quality antivirus.
How to Protect Against Flash Hacking
  • Always scan the removable media.
  • Insert trusted device only.

So, this is all about the “Facebook Hacking Tricks 2019”. If you have found these tips & tricks very useful then let us know in the comment box. Or if you know any other tricks then do comment below.

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