Hack Facebook Through Phishing Method 2018 { Best Hacking Tricks}


Facebook is a largest social networking site which is used daily by many users. Hacking is mostly done on Facebook through various techniques. Today we will discuss the Phishing method of facebook hacking. So, let’s start the article.

Hacking is not possible if you put high security on your social networking sites. The reason behind the hacking is weak security and doesn’t give much importance to online Accounts. That’s why today I am going to share an FB hacking through phishing so you can secure your account. Before I proceed to make sure to not to hacks someone’s ID which may put criminal activity cases on you. So, be careful before doing this. Firstly know what a phishing hacking method is.

hack facebook phishing

What is Phishing Hacking Technique?

is a method in which the fake web pages are created to fool the victims. Like fake web page is set up by hackers and send a link to the victim’s and ask them to log in with FB or some other social network.

Phishing is a very well known method that every hacker should know. Phishing is done on any platform whether it is Android or Windows. So, let’s do Hacking of Facebook through Phishing.

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Steps to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method 2018


Now Follow the Steps Below

  • Sign up free for web hosting account. It is important because we need to install our Phishing files on the server. So, create a free account with a subdomain.
  • After that login to your account. Your dashboard looks like that given in below image.facebook hacking through phishing
  • Now go to Cpanel. There you will find an option of file manager. Click on one of the archive managers from the Cpanel.facebook hacking through phishing
  • Open file manager 2 from the control panel. There you will found an option of uploading and downloading. There you can see folder Public_html. Upload all the phishing files in this folder.
  • Now wait for uploading. Do not rename these files, because renaming will hurt your process badly. You can customize the HTML part of files if you want.
  • Now, open your domain in a new tab. You will see a text box asking for Facebook email and password. Just see below.facebook phishing
  • Now when they click on login, they will be redirected to another site. And their password will be saved in the Password.txt file. They even don’t know their password is stored on or directory.
That’s it guys you have successfully hacked the victim’s Facebook account in 2018. Now you know how simple it is to cut FB.
Note: This hacking account trick is very straight forward and easy to hack. Phishing is very straight forward and hacking technique. But note that it is only for educational purposes. Any kind of illegal activity, the admin is not responsible.

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  1. I can not see the pictures and login button on the view page how can I get the pictures and button on that page which I should send to victim


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