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This a world of hacking and tricks guys. Many of hackers are in the world and we even don’t know they use various hacks and tricks to fool people. So, that’s why Today I want to share a valuable article with you, my blog readers . This article is all about the Whatsapp tips and hacks in 2018 so that you can trick the people. 


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Whatsapp Hacks 2018: You are thinking about that ” These Hacks are harming another people’s Cell phone or not”. So the answer is no guys. These types of hacks are called “Tricks” not hacking. All these hacks and tricks are only performed in non-rooted device guys.
List Of Whatsapp Hacks 2018:
  1. Download Whatsapp cracked version from here.
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp and install cracked version.
  3. Next go to Option > Privacy > Hide Online status.
  4. That’s all friends you have successfully hide your online status.

2) Hide Blue Ticks & Second Ticks ( Much More ) : WhatsApp Hacks 2018

  1. Proceed the above process until you have installed the cracked App.
  2. Go to Option > Privacy  > Hide Second ticks or Blue ticks.
  3. Now no one will be able to see the blue ticks or second ticks even after you have read the message.

3) Lock Chat Without 3rd Party App : WhatsApp Hack 2018

  1. Need an above given hacked version guy’s for this.
  2. Now open chat you want to lock.
  3. Go to option and click on Lock Chat.
  4. You can either setup password by going into the setting.


4) Change Your Whatsapp Theme : Whatsapp Hack 2018


  1. Must have our cracked version given link above.
  2. Go to “Fouad MODS“.
  3. Click on download themes button.
  4. Wait a moment and download the themes.
  5. Must need WiFi for this process.

5)  Get Popup When Contact is Online : Another Cool Whatsapp Hack 2018

  1. Go to “Fouad Mods”.
  2. Now go to Main/Chats Screen.
  3. Click on Contact Online Toast.
  4. Enable the option of show contact online toast message.

6) Send Video Up to 70MB : Latest Whatsapp Hack 2018

  1. Go to Fouad Mods.
  2. Click on Media Sharing.
  3. Set the limit of the video files to send.
  4. You can also enable the max image quality option here.

7)  Change Whatsapp Emoji Trick : Whatsapp Tips 7 Tricks 2018

  1. Go to Fuad Mods.
  2. Click on ” In App Emoji Changer”.
  3. Choose the type of Emoji you want.
  4. example Facebook, twitter or Hangouts.

8) Change Whatsapp Launcher Icon : Whatsapp Hacks and tricks 2018

  1. Go to Fouad Mods.
  2. Click on Other Mods.
  3. Now scroll down and click on Launcher Icon.
  4. Choose the icon from the library.

9) Change Whatsapp Tick to 3D : Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks 2018

  1. Go to other mods as given in above trick.
  2. Click on Tick Style.
  3. Here you found many ticks.
  4. Choose OM 3d for ultimate trick guys.

10) Always Online Trick Whatsapp : Always Online Whatsapp Hacks 2018

  1. Go to other mods.
  2. And scroll to the 6.5 option.
  3. Here is an option to stay online always even the screen is off.
  4. That’s it, techies.
These are the some of the ultimate Whatsapp hacks of 2018 guys. If you want real hacking tricks then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on all social media sites. 

There are so many tricks but in this article I have only listed some tricks. For other tricks please do subscribe.
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