*Cool* Android Hacking Apps 2019

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Cool Android Hacking Apps 2019


In this world, there are so many hackers, who tried to hack your Android Cell Phone. Because of these hackers, terrorists are free to hack Android phones. So, that’s we are here with some hacking apps to tell you about hacking things. List of Android Hacking Apps 2019 is below.

I am telling you about hacking only for the educational purpose not for doing the something bad job. If you are one of the good hackers then read it otherwise you can leave. In nowadays the hacking is the very normal thing to do. Everyone can do hacking with some guidance. For now, if you are reading this article then you can start with hacking from this day. Maximum cyber crime in these days is done in Android phones. Androids are easy to hack and also have a large number of Android users are in the world. That’s why the cyber terrorists are targeting the Android user other than Ios users. If you want to become a good hacker than read this Android hacking apps 2019 below my friends.

Note: The article written on this page is only for learning purposes. If you use these apps as a Black hat hacker then Admin did not responsible for anything to do by you. 

10 + Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2019

Android Hacking Apps Collection 2018:


#1 DroidJack

DroinJack is the best Java Scripted Android Hacking App, I have ever found on the Internet. It is a full feature kit including Android Controlling system. All you have to do is sending a manually created app to your victim. And finally, you can hide the app from his/her menu to make them invisible.  You may control more than 2 or 3 victims. I now listing all the features of DroidJack below.

  • Whatsapp Message Reader (Only Root Devices).
  • Control Android (Only Root Devices).
  • Access to File Manager.








AndroRat is the alternative of DroidJack Hacking Toolkit. AndroRat is an open source program available on the internet. Basically, this program is created for the project for a university. But later hackers used it to exploit the Android operating system. Androrat is a fully  customized toolkit to attack the victim’s Android smartphone. The best part of the Androrat hacking app is that ” It can bind the existing app with the affected app. So, that user will not get noticed about the affected app. Feature Listed below:

  • Access to Contacts.
  • Open File Manager.
  • Control Call & Messages.
  • Easy user interface.


It is a freely available on the network techies. The best app to hack the WiFi through your Android smartphone. This app is truly helpful to exploit in a WiFi network. You can control the WiFi settings from this app. Below are the things you can do with it:
  • Change WiFi homepage address.
  • See the browser history of others.
  • Kill the WiFi of others.


#4 Nmap
It is a quite simple Android App which is firstly designed for computers. In past some time, it is also designed for Android Devices. But for now, it is not officially designed by developers. It is designed for scanning the port of network. This app is very fast to perform the scan functions.
zANTI is a powerful, easy to use and good user interface Android hacking application. It can change much more things according to your need. Just connect to a network and do whatever you want like see what people browsing and downloading. zANTI is Network Penetration testing tool. Which works on a push of a button. 






People nowadays are suffering from data problems, so for them, it is very useful app. It is a real WiFi hacking App guys. It is available free on the play store. You can only hack the WiFi which has WPS encryption enabled. This app comes with the inbuilt WPS exploit system. So that you can easily hack the wifi through Android device. 
Facesniff is another Android hacking app, which performs the hijacking web session task. Like other hacking apps, it is also used to hack your social media accounts. Facesniff can have access to WPA, WPA-2 and WEP connections. It is developed by a developer of  Firesheep. But it is used to hack the accounts through Android.
Hackode is a very powerful app and installed in 500000 Android phones. Mainly the hack code app is used for penetration test and security. The user interface is very interactive for the beginners. Below are some features of Hackode:
  • Scanning Network.
  • Set Target Homepage.
  • List of Google Dork.
  • Who Lookup.



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#9 Shark for Root

This app is used by professionals hackers of the world. It is a smallest hacking tool for the android. Shark for root is used for traffic sniffing and working fine on 3G or WiFi. For complete the process, you need a Shark reader app. Otherwise, you can’t be able to read the traffic detail. Shark for root hacking app uses the TCP dump concept.
Arpspoof is a network sniffing app. It changes the network configuration of the victims Android phone. You can redirect the user to the specific web page. This app works like middlemen attacks apps
DroidSniff is another sniffing app works like a Faceniff app. Hacker used this app to get access to the victims Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and many more accounts. This app is only developed for the security purposes
Fing is a very good hacking app for the beginner. You can start networking test with a little knowledge with the help of Fing App. It will scan the devices connect to the network. It is available for all the platforms like Ios, Android, and windows.
Dsploit is another similar hacking app like Fing. It will scan the device in the network and shows information about them. Which operating system are used on devices and the list of ports are listed by this hacking application. It will also tell us about the service running on the victim’s devices.
Whatsapp sniffer is an application to check the conversation between two contacts in Whatsapp. But the condition is that you must have connected in same networks. If you are not connected same network, then you won’t be able to access the data packets
DroidSql injection is a good application for those who want to learn the Sql injection attacks on websites. Basically DroidSql provide information about how to hack website through Sql injection. 
So, above given hacking apps are best of my knowledge. If you know any other Android hacking app, then let me know in the comment box. I have listed these best 15 Android hacking apps 2019 for a learning puposes only. If you want to perform any of the above given method then lets us about your experiences. 




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