Unfriend & Unfollow All Facebook Friends Quickly At Once

Unfriend & Unfollow All Facebook Friends Quickly With A Single Click
In the starting of the Facebook journey, we are accepting and sending a Facebook request on the bulk. But after sometimes we know that some of them are unwanted and useless. That’s why Today I am posting an article about unfriend multiple and all Facebook friends quickly. Delete and unfollow all Facebook friends at once.
” How could be it is possible to unfriend all the facebook friends once?
Everyone wants real and trustworthy friends in their life. And they think that social media is the best way to make new friends. But sometimes it may affect your career too. In that case, some people deactivate the account or make another account.
They think that it is not possible to remove multiple friends at once. But there is a way to remove and unfollow friends at once.
There are many third party scripts to delete all the Facebook Friends Quickly. But I would not suggest you to use these scripts because these are not secure and may access your account information.

Unfriend & Unfollow All Facebook Friends Quickly

At the starting, I will tell you about the “how to Unfriend & Unfollow All Facebook Friends Quickly”. In this method, you can remove all Facebook friends at once.
  • Now, open Facebook in Chrome browser. You can see a small icon on the right side. See below given screenshot.
  • Click on the icon and go to Removal Tab. There you can see the option of unfriend and unfollow of all Facebook friends quickly.

That’s all you did not have to do anything. All your work will be done by toolkit now. For unfollow the Facebook friends click on unfollow button.

Unfriend Multiple Facebook Friends Quickly

At this time I am writing this article, there is only one best way to delete multiple friends from Facebook. The procedure is below and very simple.
  • Go to Facebook and your profile page. Click on Activity log.
  • Now see the pencil icon next to the friendship logs. Click on it and click unfriend that’s all.
That’s it, In future, I will share another short method to delete multiple Facebook friends quickly. Be in touch and bookmark this post for future update.
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