Take 360 Degree Photos Android Trick & Upload To Facebook

How To Take 360 Degree Photos Android Trick 

In nowadays the Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. You can share your photos, videos, and feelings too. In past some days, Facebook has launched so many features like save the post and reacting on your friend’s photos. Because of so many features, Facebook is seeking the attention of all people across the world. As it is easy to access, peoples are getting addicted to this social networking site.
In previous update Facebook allows you to upload a 360-degree photo. All you need is a smartphone and the smart app. Sometimes, the feature is already installed on your android phone. For better understanding check out some of the 360-degree photos on Google.
You can also check the 360-degree photos on Facebook by typing "360 photos" into the Facebook search box. To view 360-degree photos just click and drag your mouse or simply tap the photo and move your phone around if you are a smartphone user.

There many fake apps in play store which claims that they will provide the best 360-degree photos for you. But I will suggest you to use Google Official Street View Camera app or inbuilt app. This app is available on the market free of cost.

How to Take 360 Degree Photos Android  Trick

  • After the installation of Google Street View Camera, open the app and click on the + icon. Choose the camera, and the app will guide you to how can you click 360-degree phots. Note that for better pictures you have to stay at one place because moving your camera cause a blur pictures.

  • Focus your phone through the object. When the orange dots appear on the screen, each photo will be taken automatically.

  • The another function is that the circular icon will turn to green when the photos will be taken.

Take 360 Degree Photos In Iphone

If you are using iPhone or panorama smartphone then you don’t have to use the Google Street View App. Facebook tries its best to reduce the gaps between each photo.
After taking the 360-degree photos, just post the photo as like common photo. For yet, Facebook does not have its own 360-degree camera app. You can control the photos privacy setting or other similar feature as like other posts.

Now start taking 360-degree photos and share with your friends.
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