Hitleap Method | Is Hitleap Safe For ?

Have you guys think about making money online with link shortening. Then today I will share the trick to making money with This method is very easy and short. I am telling you is the best link shortening service. Hitleap method converts the incoming traffic into outgoing traffic.
The trick today I have shared with you his free but time consuming. Hitleap is the best auto surfs engine in nowadays. It auto surfs web page and gives you free hits.

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Make Money With Hitleap Method

follow the steps below. Do not miss any step otherwise you will miss the chance to make money online:-
  • Make a free blog on blog spot. Learn how to set up a free blog on blog spot. Post some of the cool stuff on the blog.
  • Sign Up for hitleap free account.
  • Go to and short the URL of your blog.
  • Go to and short the, blog link.
  • Back to blogger and then template > edit as HTML.
  • Put the below given code under <head> section.
  • Change The YOURURLHERE to your link. And save the template.
  • Now go to you blog and after a few second it will be redirected to URL
  • Now add your blog normal link to hitleap account. Run hitleap viewer in windows to earn money.

Is Hitleap Together Safe Or Not is not a permanent solution for earning money online. You can found this method is easy but not a good way to earning money online. Sometimes the user account will be blocked by
I would suggest you to start a new blog for a better future in making money online.
If you have any question related to link shortening ask in the comment box. Do share and subscribe.


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