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How To Running Multiple Hitleap Viewers On the Same Pc

It’s a late night I have written this post. So be ready to like and share this amazing post. The traffic exchange is the best way to drive free traffic to your site. But I have already clear that it won’t work with google Adsense anymore. Otherwise, hitleap is very good for driving traffic.
If you have approved Adsense account then I am strictly warning you to stop using hitleap. You can try hitleap with other ad networks like revenue hits or Chitika. Believe me, hitleap gives the better result with other networks too. If you don’t know about hitleap read below post for more information.
running multiple hitleap viewer
Today, I am gonna telling you about running multiple hitleap Viewers on the same PC. Because hitleap support only one traffic exchange software at a time that’s why I am writing this post. Before getting started, you need to know some computer skills like windows installation in VMware software.

The Thing You Need To Running Multiple Hitleap Viewers

  • Windows XP or 7 Bootable DVD.
  • VPN Software ( Any Free Software).
  • Virtual Box  ( VMware Recommended).
  • Multiple hitleap account.
Let get start our tutorial guys: –
First Step is to install the VMware into the computer. After that install windows XP in VMware. Follow post for installing Windows XP in Windows 7. If you need to run more than two hitleap then create clones of windows XP in VMware.
In Second step, we have to install VPN software on the windows XP so that you have two different IP addresses. Hitleap support only one session per IP address. To run more than one session, you need to upgrade your account. So connect your VPN to running multiple hitleap viewers.
Next install hitleap viewer in the VMware and log in with your username and password. Run another hitleap viewer outside the VMware. Make sure that you have changed you IP address in VMware.
So that’s all you have successfully installed the two hitleap exchangers in the same PC. If you want to run One account on more than 2 PC on the same network Then you should install VPN software. This will allow you to run multiple sessions.
Now enjoy free hitleap views on your website or youtube videos. Ii is also clear in the previous post that Google Adsense banned hitleap views on youtube. However, your views will be increases.
If you have any question related to hitleap or AdSense ask in the comment box. I am always there for helping you. Join our blog for latest updates.


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