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How to hide MX Player Videos From The List:

Today, I will tell you how you can hide Mx player videos from the list. Everyone knows the working of MX player. Mx player scans all the internal and external folders. So, it was difficult for hiding a private stuff.

Let’s start the tutorial now. There is a many methods to do it, let me explain them one by one.

Method To Hide MX player videos from list

By Hiding File Type

There are so many methods to hide Mx player videos. But this one is very simple for everyone. Go to setting > List setting > File Extension and then select the type of videos you want to remove from MX player list.
The file type you have removed will remove all the videos that are related to that extension.

By remove Video Folder

It is another inbuilt feature of MX player. You just have to put your videos into one folder that you want to hide. After that add folder into MX player and click on the hide.
Go to setting > List Setting > Video folders. Click on add folder. Choose the folder you want to hide from the MX player list. That’s all your videos are now hidden from the list.

By .Nomedia Method

It is one of the best methods to hide videos from MX player list. It is better than any other solution. Follow the step to hiding the videos
  • Copy all videos into one folder that you want to hide.
  • Create an empty file and name it as “.nomedia“.
  • Put that file into the videos folder.
Now open MX player and click on refresh. Now your folder will be ignored by MX player. You don’t need any other application to do this method.

By Using Application

It is an alternative method for hiding MX player videos. For hiding videos from the Mx player, you need to install any security app like vault or app lock.
It is a very simple to hide your data with the help of vault or any other the privacy app. I will suggest you to use vault app for the best result.

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