How To Add Multiple social Media Accounts In Android.

How To Add Multiple social Media Accounts In Android Of Your Favourite Apps Like Whatsapp, Messengers & Instagram.
After a long time, I am going to write my another useful article for you, my friends. Today, I am going to share an article about Multiple social Media Accounts in Android of your favourite apps.
If you have already known about dual WhatsApp account, Then you will get amazed. It is the easiest method to use dual Accounts In Android.
The trick does not allow you to use dual WhatsApp but it is allowing all the other social apps too. You can create multiple accounts of your favourite apps guys.
And it is worked without downloading another WhatsApp or another hacked version of WhatsApp.
Without writing about its feature anymore, I will show you the method stepwise.

How To Add Multiple social Media Accounts In Android

  • Follow the screenshots for more information. Click on the clone button below the grids.
  • Select the App you want to add multiple accounts. If the app is not present there click on more.
  • Now you can see the app in the grid box. Click on the app. Now you can see another sign in windows.
  • You can also create the shortcut of clone app on your home page. Tap and hold the app and move down over the shortcut option.

Note that it will use more memory to execute the whole process. There are so many apps which work like Parallel Space. But it is more efficient and powerful tool.
To use other modded apps like OGwhatsapp and Whatsapp plus may consume more storage and may cause the loss of data. So that’s why I will prefer Parallel Space application.
If you have any question related to Multiple Accounts In Android ask in the comment box.


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