Adsense Auto Clicker Scripts Really Works Or Not?

I am feeling surprised When I know that blogger search for Adsense Auto Clicker Scripts. When I had started with my first blog on Blogspot server. I also search a lot about AdSense tricks and hacks. But after doing all the experiments, I just banged out by Adsense. I mean to say that Adsense is not an insecure ad network.
The main reason behind these searches is ” new bloggers does not read policies carefully”. That’s why Google is full of these un-valuable searches. Before searching anything like this, You should be a risk taker. Otherwise, you may be shocked after getting blocked from Google Adsense.

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Did you know that ” Google Adsense block that user which forces the visitor to clicking on Ads“. What do get from this point?
Don’t even try to use any Adsense auto clicker scripts on your blog. One wrong move and your account have been auto block. I think you know that how difficult is to approve your Adsense account. So why do you want to play with an Adsense Auto clicker PHP scripts?

Why you should not use Adsense Auto Clicker Scripts

  • It will ban your account permanently ( no chances to reactivate ).
  • Visitors may be redirected to other URL Which is a downside for your traffic.
  • Peoples don’t like your content because of automatic redirected.
  • You will lose your earned money.
  • Sometimes you have to face google penalty after using hacking scripts for Adsense.
I would suggest you to be an honest and faith blogger for your audience. If you are trying to play with visitor browser using javascript, then maybe you’ll get bad site reviews. The true bloggers always serve good content and faith in the visitors. Make long term business connection and real connections.

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If you are a true blogger, then share this topic with your audience. Show how much we care about our visitors. I think after reading this post, you’ll never use hacking tricks on Adsense. Share this article on social media and on your blog (only by mark this post as source link).


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