How To Take Backup From Corrupted Laptop Hard Disk

How To Take Backup From Corrupted Laptop Hard Disk

Maximum time, our laptop hard disk is corrupted by many viruses or temporary files. So, I will recommend you to remove viruses and temporary files time to time. If you have found your hard disk in any problem, then follow the article. These viruses and temporary files sometimes may cause the corrupting of windows. 

How To Take Backup From Corrupted Laptop Hard Disk

It is good, to try a safe way before going into the internal part of a laptop. It is very easy to open the computer and remove hard disk but in the case of laptop it would be difficult.

Your systems files are corrupted and won’t able to logging into windows. Only your system drive are affected by the virus. Other drives are not related to system files. These drives contain lots of personal and official data.

Now I will tell you how you can take a backup of corrupted laptop hard disk without entering Windows.

Using Active Boot Live Cd

  • Download Active Live Boot disk from here.

  • Next, you have to create a bootable cd of the active live cd.

  • Restart your PC and set the bootable sequence according to your media.

Now your computer will be starting into recovery mode. The active live boot is fully graphical interface software. Don’t need any Linux based skills.

Here is the thing you can do with Active Live Boot CD

Ability to start the non-bootable computer.

you can restore data without the formatting system.

Start non-bootable computer with a flash drive.

Ability to reset the administrator password.

By hardware troubleshooting

If you failed to create a live cd with an active bootable disk, then move to next choice. If you are perfect in hardware troubleshooting, then follow the instructions below.

  • open your laptop back cover and remove hard disk correctly.
  • Open any desktop computer which is in working condition. Now connect a laptop hard disk to the computer using SATA ports.
  • Now turn on your desktop and check the hard disk is detected or not.

These are two simple and short ways to backup from corrupted laptop hard disk.

If you need more help, please ask in the comment box.

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