How To Make WordPress Widget Sticky In Sidebar

How to make WordPress widget sticky in sidebar

Sticky widget is a widget which is fix in one position. In a simple word the widget which is move along with scroll is a sticky widget. The sticky post has a great impression on the visitor. 

People always use their sidebar to show ads or show something like categories. I think it is important to show popular links and pages on the sidebar. It is ok But, I would suggest you to use widgets like subscription box and follower button. Because when your visitor scrolls down cursor, the widgets are also scrolls with the cursor. So human eye automatic detect that part of the blog which is interesting.

make wordpress widget sticky

Subscription box and follower button are more powerful on that place. These widgets add value to your sidebar rather than ads and links. Sticky ads are a good way to make money online, but more subscribers mean more money.

Some WordPress themes already come with a sticky post or widgets. But for some themes, we have to install another alternative for it. Below is the instruction about to make WordPress widget sticky.

Make WordPress Widget Sticky With Plugin

WordPress is best CMS software which let you customize your blog according to your need. There is more than 30000+ plugin in WordPress directory.

Below, I have given two most popular plugin, Which makes WordPress widgets sticky on the sidebar.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Q2W3 Fixed Widget allows you to stick your widget in the sidebar. This widget is compatible with all the latest widgets.

Note – This widget is not working well with broken themes.

How to use Q2w3 plugin to stick your widget on sidebar

  • Download and activate the plugin from WordPress directory.

  • Now go to appearance > customize > widget.

  • Go to the sidebar and add any of the WordPress widgets.

  • Now check out the option below every widget. Tick the Fixed widget to stick your widget to the sidebar.

  • That’s all friends. Add subscription and follow button in the sidebar to use the power of the sticky widgets.

Standard Widget Extensions

It is the second plugin used for making widgets sticky in the sidebar. You can individually turn on or off the sticky widget setting.

If you are a beginner, then I would recommend Q2w3 plugin. If you have found any problem with setting up Standard WE plugin, follow the instruction on developer page. Standard WE plugin Make WordPress Widget Sticky in a different way.

The sticky widgets are a good way to increases email marketing of your blog. Use your affiliate links to increase revenue.

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