Visual composer front page blocks setting For WordPress Site.

The homepage of a website is the main page of the website or blog. It should design uniquely or attractive for the visitor. Let’s customize homepage with visual composer front page builder. The best front page designer ever I have used since many days. Visual composer front page blocks setting is necessary because by default it is uncategorized.

Let’s configure front page blocks with visual composer. Follow the post for more detail about the visual composer.

    Visual Composer Front Page Blocks Setting

    Open Your Front page With Backend editor.

    Select the best blocks for your front page. See sharp minder example below.

    Arrange the blocks according to your need. Choose the best template for your site.

    Click on the pencil which is shown when you hover the blocks. Check above image > right side > below block 6.

    After clicking on pencil tool, a popup box will be open with a different – different tabs. Let’s check them one by one.

    Check general tab in visual front page designer. Give the title to block which is display on the top of the block. Next is URL of that title. when someone clicking on your title, then which page you choose for landing the visitor. Next is customizing option like title color, hover color or border setting.

    Next is category filter to remove some specific category from the block. Visual front page setting have also a filter option on the front page. So choose your custom category or otherwise it will display all the categories post.

    If you want drop down filtering option then choose it simply by going into Ajax filtring tab. Choose your filtering process.
    I will recommend you to use most popular filter.

    The Visual composer blocks support pagination too. To seting up pagination go to pagination tab and choose type of pagination you want into your blocks.

    So you have sucessfully configured blocks in visual composer. Make sure to configure other blocks too. Add some ads spaces in between the sidebar.

    Visual composer provides many blocks as per your content. Visual composer front page setting is easy for every beginner. Take the benefit of visual composer builder to setup front page.

      Have any question about front page block setting please ask in the comment box. Keep supporting us and do share our posts with friends or in social media.


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